Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Online Sexual Harassment Bill by Senator Risa Hontiveros

Online Sexual Harassment, Anna Nicole de Castro

Online Sexual Harassment, Anna Nicole de Castro
Hontiveros with Sylvia Claudio and Anna Nicole de Castro, the subject of online harassment after protesting the hero's burial of dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Senator Risa Hontiveros files the "Tres Marias" bills which is composed of three legislative measures to fight sexual harassment and violence against women online. The bills were filed on Tuesday, November 22.

In Hontiveros' press statement Monday, she also attached a screenshot of the sexual attacks on the female protesters.

The bills, called "Tres Marias Bills," aims to penalize gender-based electronic violence, peer-to-peer sexual harassment, and amend the Anti-Rape Law.

Hontiveros called the proposed measures the "Tres Marias" bills: Senate Bill No. 1251 which seeks to punish those behind misogynistic and homophobic attacks on social media, SB 1252 or the Anti-Rape Act, and SB 1250 or the Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill.

Hontiveros chairman of the Senate committee on women, children, family relations and gender equality, said that the victims of misogynistic and homophobic attacks online are usually the youth, whose primary outlet of expression is social media.

"The attacks have the effect of silencing this expression, and contributing to a culture of misogyny and hate," she said.

Under SB 1251, misogynistic and homophobic attacks online fall under GBEV.

The bill defines GBEV as "acts involving use of any form of information and communications technology which causes or is likely to cause mental, emotional or psychological distress or suffering to the female victim or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) victim, and tending to disparage the dignity and personhood of the same on account of his or her gender."


SB 1251 seeks a jail term of 5 to 10 years for offenders, or a fine of P100,000 to P500,000. The court could choose to impose both penalties.

Some of the violations are:

  • Unauthorized recording, reproduction or distribution of videos showing the victim's naked or undergarment-clad genitals, pubic area, buttocks or breasts
  • Uploading or sharing without the consent of the victim any form of media that contain pictures, voice, or video of the victim with lewd, indecent, obscene or sexual content
  • Harassing or threatening the victim through text messaging, obscene, misogynistic, homophobic or indecent posts in social media sites, or other cyber, electronic or multimedia means
  • Cyber-stalking which includes, but not limited to, the hacking of personal accounts on social networking sites, the use of location trackers on cellular devices
  • Unauthorized use of the victim's picture, video, voice, name, or any other aspect of the victim's identity and distributing the same in any video game, phone application, program and the like, which deliberately exposes the victim to harassment and attack and puts or tends to put the victim in a bad light or injure the victim's reputation

SB 1252 its purpose is to amend and modernize current anti-rape laws. The bill seeks to deem the use of video recording or an electronic device during the commission of the rape as an aggravating circumstance.

SB 1250, will be to amend current legislation by introducing sexual harassment between peers and those committed to a superior officer by a subordinate, or to a teacher by a student, or to a trainer by a trainee.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kerwin Espinosa Testifies During the Senate Hearing

Kerwin Espinosa Senate Hearing, drug hearing, Bato De la Rosa

Kerwin Espinosa Senate Hearing, drug hearing, Bato De la Rosa

Kerwin Espinosa names cops he allegedly paid off - Alleged Visayan drug lord Kerwin Espinosa named several police officers, including at least two generals, he said were the recipients of “SOP” or bribes to turn a blind eye to his illegal trade.

They are the current Daanbantayan, Cebu Mayor Vicente Loot, a retired police general who used to be deputy director for Region 8, and Chief Inspector Leo Laraga, the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group officer who admitted to shooting dead Espinosa’s father, the late Albuera, Leyte mayor Rolando Sr. early this month in what the CIDG Region 8 claims was a shootout inside his cell in the Baybay City sub-provincial jail.

According to Espinosa, Laraga was the one who collected the P120,000 monthly he gave to Loot, who was deputy director for administration of Police Regional Office 8 from late 2010 to December 2012, when he was appointed director of the Training Service in Camp Crame.

However, Espinosa said, only P100,000 of this was for Loot. The balance went to Laraga.

Loot was one of the five police generals publicly named by President Rodrigo Duterte as alleged drug protectors soon after he assumed office.

Meanwhile, relieved police official in Eastern Visayas denied asking or receiving protection money from suspected drug lord Kerwin Espinosa.

"Hindi totoo 'yun," said Superintendent Marvin Marcos, former chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Region 8, on Wednesday at the sidelines of the Senate probe into the death of Kerwin's father, Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa. -

Other pulis na idinawit ni Espinosa sa drug trade: Habines, Camacho, Bituin, Magamay, Aracol, Angay-angay, Torifil, Macanas

Senate Hearing Excerpts:

Espinosa: May tumawag sa akin na pulis, si Leo Laraga. Sinabi niya sa akin na inutusan siya ni Gen. Loot na kausapin ako

Espinosa says he gave P15,000 weekly to a Sr. Insp. Rio Tan and other policemen in Ormoc City Police

Espinosa: P120,000 monthly ang binibigay ko kay Laraga. P100K para kay Gen. Loot, P20K kay Laraga.

Espinosa: Noong 2013, 2014, hindi pa kasama sa binibigyan ko ng 'SOP' ang regional director. Nagsimula akong magbigay taong 2015.

Espinosa: Unang lumapit sa akin si Victor Espina at sinabi na gusto akong kausapin ni Gen. Dolina.

Espinosa: Ang plano pala ni RD, hingian ako ng 'SOP'. Hiningian ako ng P500,000 a month. Tumawad ako ng P300,000 a month.

Espinosa: Nagdeposit ako ng P3 milyon noong Feb. 2015. Then, P2M after a week. At nagpasok ako ng another P1M para kay Gen. Dolina.

Espinosa: Nang lumipas ang 2 araw, tumawag uli sa akin 'yung driver ni Leila. Ang sabi ko, "pag-usapan natin ang dapat nating pag-usapan."

Espinosa: Ako talaga ang nagbigay kay Ronnie ng pera na cash.

Espinosa: Hinihingi ni Ronnie sa akin ang P2 milyon kada buwan. Hindi ko naibigay kasi 'di ko kaya. Tumawad ako ng P750K.

Espinosa kay Dayan: Ang sabi ko, magbibigay ako pero hindi ngayon, kasi bubuuin ko pa ang pera.

Espinosa: Nagkita kami ni Ronnie sa isang mall. Noong naabot ko sa kanya ang pera, umalis ako agad.

Espinosa: Hindi ako nakapagbigay ng P700K monthly dahil tumawag sa akin ang driver at sinabi na bago mag-eleksyon ay makapagbigay ako ng P8M

Espinosa: Sa time na iyon, nagduda na ako na baka hindi nakarating kay De Lima 'yung pera.

Espinosa: Sa mga illegal transactions, 'Batman' ang code ko.

Espinosa: Nakiusap ako kay Ronnie kung puwede ko makita si Sec. Leila de Lima. Pumayag, pero hindi pwede sa Maynila.

Espinosa: Ang sabi ni Dayan, sa Baguio nalang kami magkita dahil may schedule sila doon. Hindi pwede sa Manila dahil maraming mata.

Espinosa: Hinintay ko ang tawag ni Ronnie. Noong Nov. 19-22, 2015, tumawag siya sa akin kung nasaan ako, sabi ko nasa Baguio na ako.

Espinosa: Mga alas-2 ng hapon ay tumawag na siya (Dayan). Pumunta daw kami sa Burnham Park.

Espinosa: Nagkita kami ni Ronnie at lumapit ako kay Ma'am De Lima. Ang sabi ni Ronnie, "Ma'am, si Batman."

Espinosa: Tumango lang sa akin si Ma'am De Lima. Bumalik si Ronnie sa akin at kinuha namin sa parking lot 'yung pera.

Espinosa: Ang sabi ni Dayan, "puwede ka namang magpa-picture kay ma'am. Iyan, lapitan mo."

Espinosa: Noong February, nagbigay ako ng pera kay Ronnie, P2.3 milyon.

Espinosa: Wala akong hinihinging kapalit dahil sa probinsya ko, wala namang problema sa negosyo ko ng droga. Naka-timbre na iyon sa PNP.

Espinosa: Nakumpleto ko 'yung sinabi ni Ronnie na magbigay ako ng P8M bago mag-eleksyon.

Espinosa: Tumawag sa akin si P/Supt. Marvin Marcos, sinabi niya sa akin na magtulungan kami. Pero sinabi niya, hihingi rin siya ng pabor.

Espinosa: Ang sinabi niya sa akin ay P3 milyon. Tumawad ako dahil wala akong ganyang pera. Dahil ang pera ko ay hinanda ko para sa papa ko.

Espinosa: May 7, nagbigay ako sa kanya ng P1.5 milyon. Sinabihan ko ang papa ko na, "itong pera na ito ay para kay P/Supt. Marcos."

Espinosa kay Marcos: Ang sabi niya sa akin, "bukas kunin ko yung pera ha. Kasi mag-eeleksyon na, gagamitin ko ang pera."

Espinosa: Tumawag sa akin ang tao ko, "boss, may checkpoint, hindi ako makadaan dahil may bakal na dala ang tao ko at may pera."

Espinosa: Ang sabi ni Marcos sa akin, "pag may checkpoint kami, sasabihan kita. Huwag kayong pumasok doon."

Espinosa kay Marcos: Sinabihan ko siya, "sir, 'pag nanalo ang papa ko, may bonus ka sa akin." Binigyan namin siya ng P500,000. Ang kabuuang naibigay namin ay P3 milyon.

Espinosa sa pagkikita nila ni Marcos: 100% sigurado ako na nakuhaan ng CCTV iyon sa hotel. Kinuha ni Sir Jovie ang hard drive ng CCTV.

PNP-IAS Deputy Insp. Gen. CSupt Leuterio: Mga pulis na nabanggit ni Kerwin Espinosa sa Senado, ipatatawag sa Camp Crame

Espinosa kung bakit siya umalis ng bansa: Noong nalaman kong nanalo na si Pres. Duterte, naisip ko na talaga na may cleansing na magaganap.

Espinosa: June 21 umalis na ako ng bansa. Talagang sa airport ako dumaan kasi ang alam ko, wala akong hold departure (order).

Espinosa, iginiit na legal ang pag-alis niya ng bansa.

Espinosa: Nagpunta ako sa Malaysia. Nung nalaman ko na hinahanap ako, lumipad agad ako ng Phuket. Tapos sa Bangkok.


Ronnie Dayan Arrested, De Lima May Presscon Ulit?

Ronnie Dayan, Leila de Lima, driver lover, drugs
Ronnie Dayan: Relationship with De Lima lasted for seven years

Ronnie Dayan, Leila de Lima, driver lover, drugs

Ronnie Dayan, Leila de Lima, driver lover, drugs

Ronnie Dayan, the former driver, lover and security aide of Senator Leila de Lima who is tagged by police as an alleged bagman of proceeds from the Bilibid drug trade by de Lima, was arrested at Sitio Turod, Guinguinabang, San Juan in La Union Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

PNP director general Ronald dela Rosa presented Dayan to the media at Camp Crame late Tuesday afternoon and he said againt to reporters that he was captured at 11:55 a.m. He denied the rumors that Dayan was captured over the weekend.

Dayan told the media that no one helped him to hide from the police. Initial reports say Dayan was arrested 11:30 a.m. at Sitio Turod, Barangay San Felipe in the town of San Juan. Justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II ecouraged Dayan to speak up if he were to clear his name, saying he will “tie up the loose ends and supply the missing links” regarding the cases before the DOJ.

Dayan went into hiding and had been missing from his home in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan since President Rodrigo Duterte himself named him as Sen. de Lima’s lover and linked him to the drug lords at the New Bilibid Prison.

When reporters asked Sen. Leila de Lima for her reaction about the arrest of Dayan, she blurted “What do you think?”. When asked if she believes Dayan was arrested or was under duress, De Lima said: “Anything is possible. I have various scenarios in mind.” And that she'll issue a statement later. 

Ronnie Dayan,

Friday, November 18, 2016

Kiko "Sharon" Pangilinan PH to become world’s "laughingstock" after Marcos burial

Senator Francis "Sharon" Pangilinan on Friday said the Philippines will become the “laughingstock” of the world after the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery).

St. Scholastica's College Abuse, Requires Children to Accept their Political Views

Can teachers express their political views? Hell no!

“Although teachers shouldn’t be allowed to express their personal views, they may present both sides as part of a lesson.”

It is immoral for teachers force their students with their political views. The students should have the chance to make their own minds up, with a richer understanding of their own beliefs. St. Scholastica's College is abusing these children with a distorted worldview based on the opinions of others.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Robredo: Marcos buried "like a thief in the night"

Leni Robredo, Marcos burial, Ferdinand Marcos

Vice President Leni Robredo bashed the burial of the late president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on Friday, November 18, said that "he is no hero."

The anti-Marcos protesters who are few was caught by surprise since the burial was only announced by Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa about an hour before it took place.

Robredo said in a statement on Friday, "Like a thief in the night, the Marcos family deliberately hid the information of burying former president Marcos today from the Filipino people. They obviously flouted the law where the decision does not become final and executory until 15 days or the resolution of the MR."

"As stated in several decisions from the Supreme Court, Ferdinand Marcos was a thief, a murderer, and a dictator. He is no hero. If he were, obviously his family would not have to hide his burial like a shameful criminal deed," the Vice President also said.

"We are disturbed that this happened in coordination with AFP and PNP, demonstrating further that the judicial process has been thoroughly disregarded," said the Vice President.

"This is nothing new to the Marcoses – they who had hidden wealth, hidden human rights abuses, and now, a hidden burial – with complete disrespect for the rule of law," said Robredo.

Well it's still fresh in the Filipino people's mind what happened last election, when there was a sudden surge in Robredo's vote late at night when everyone was sleeping. 

SURPRISE: Ferdinand Marcos buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani

Ferdinand Marcos buried, Libingan ng mga bayani, Marcos

MANILA, Philippines - The remains of the former President Ferdinand Marcos were buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani at noon on Friday despite indications from petitioners opposed to it that they would appeal a Supreme Court ruling dismissing their petitions.
Rumors of a planned burial spread on social media Friday morning, shortly before the burial was confirmed by Chief Superintendent Oscar Albayalde, NCRPO chief. Albayalde was later seen with Philippine National Police Director General Ronald Dela Rosa at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The officials said that there are around 2,000 police and military personnel to provide security for the burial.

The burial was planned secretly to avoid protests. The Supreme Court dismissed the petitions asking for it to be blocked. Marcos was buried in area at LNMB reserved for former presidents.

Ferdinand Marcos buried, Libingan ng mga bayani, Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos buried, Libingan ng mga bayani, Marcos

Monday, November 7, 2016

Former President Ferdinand Marcos Hero's Burial

President Ferdinand Marcos, SC, supreme court
President Ferdinand Marcos, SC, supreme court

The Supreme court of the Philippines has dismissed the case that wants to block the hero's burial for former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos.

In an unanimous decision 9-5, with one justice abstaining, the Supreme Court rejected arguments that Marcos was unfit to be re-interred in the National Heroes' Cemetery in Manila.

The decision was met with great pleasure by the supporters of the former president who had gathered outside the court, and outrage from some handful protesters opposing it.

Shortly after his election in May, President Rodrigo Duterte announced plans to move the late dictator from his current resting place in a mausoleum in the family's stronghold of Ilocos Norte, in the Philippines' northeast.

President Ferdinand Marcos, SC, supreme court
Ferdinand Marcos' daughter Imee speaks at a rally in support of the re-internment in October.

President Ferdinand Marcos, SC, Supreme Court
Associate Justice Bienvenido Reyes inhibited from the case, reducing to 14 the number of justices who voted.

Voted in favor of giving Marcos a hero's burial:

Associate Justices Arturo Brion, Presbitero Velasco Jr, Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Mariano del Castillo, Jose Perez, Teresita de Castro, Jose Mendoza, and Estela Perlas-Bernabe .


Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, together with Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, and Associate Justices Marvic Leonen, Francis Jardeleza, and Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa

Reyes has not cited specific reasons for his recusement but it was he who administered the oath of President Rodrigo Duterte last June. He was Duterte's fraternity brother at the San Beda College of Law and a former lawyer of the family of former president Benigno Aquino III.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sen Leila De Lima File Writ of Habeas Data vs President Duterte

Labels Sen Leila De Lima, Writ of Habeas Data, President Duterte

Labels Sen Leila De Lima, Writ of Habeas Data, President Duterte
Press conference ni Sen. Leila de Lima matapos maghain ng petisyon para sa writ of habeas data laban kay Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte sa Korte Suprema:

De Lima: Sumasabak ako sa laban kapag alam kong mayroon akong ipinaglalaban. Kinasuhan ko si Rodrigo Roa Duterte dahil sa kahindik-hindik na mga pananalita niya laban sa akin. Ang sinampahan ko ng kaso ay si Rodrigo Roa Duterte, hindi ang pangulo ng Pilipinas. Sa mga Pilipinong hindi nakakalimot, maaaring natunton niyo na EJKs din ang pinagsimulan nito.

Hindi pa po ako lingkod-bayan ay DDS na ang DDS. My troubles with Duterte started 7 years ago. Cowardice is not a luxury.

I admit I felt the pain he wanted me to feel. I had the sleepless nights he wanted me to suffer from. Duterte is an executioner.

De Lima: I felt the shame Duterte wanted me to feel.

De Lima: If I can go through all of these and still be alive. Who is the real loser here? Sino ang matibay?

De Lima: I have done my job and have incurred the wrath of powerful people.

De Lima: The biggest sin is to use womanhood to silence my humanity.

De Lima: I am sick and tired of being a victim.

De Lima kay Duterte: You were right about one thing: 'Yes I am a fighter'

De Lima: I felt the urge to sink down to his (Duterte) level na parang baboy.

De Lima: His lofty position should not be used to perpetuate his evil desires against one woman.

De Lima: I am here to exorcise my demon. He wears a crown and sits on a throne now.

De Lima: This is my element. This is a good fight. I have the right to find so I am invoking my legal right  to do it.

Atty. Jose Manuel Diokno, De Lima's legal counsel
Diokno: What we filed earlier is a groundbreaking case.
Diokno: This is a case directly against a president.
Diokno: We are asking SC if a sitting president can use resources of his office to wage a personal vendetta.