Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NBI Arrests Man for Spreading Former Girlfriend's sex tape

NBI, sex video, sextortion, Filipina, scandal

NBI, sex video, sextortion, Filipina, scandal

NBI, sex video, sextortion, Filipina, scandal

NBI, sex video, sextortion, Filipina, scandal

The National Bureau of Investigations Cybercrime Division (NBI-CCD) arrested a man who allegedly spread online a sex-video he took with his former girlfriend.

His girlfriend broke up with him when she found out that the suspect was married. Then the man, in retaliation sent a copy of their sex tape to her employer in the Middle East that cost her her job. He also sent copies to her friends and relatives and posted the video on porn sites. The suspect also threatened to kill her and her family. 

The suspect was her former employer. He was charged for violating RA 7610

Lalaking nagpakalat ng private video nila ng dating nobya, arestado

The suspect spread the video on well known porn sites like this one

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bullet Planting Scam: Elderly Couple Held in the Airport After live Bullet Found in Bag

Bullet Planting Scam, Bullet Planting in NAIA, Scam Manila airport

Bullet Planting Scam, Bullet Planting in NAIA, Scam Manila airport

The bullet planting scam is back in Manila Airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), an elderly couple were held and stopped from boarding their flight going to Los Angeles, California when airport security personnel discovered a live bullet in their baggage.

The two senior citizer were 75 years old Salvacion Cortabista her 78-year-old husband Esteban, they were stopped at the NAIA 1 when the airport x-ray shows a .38-caliber bullet in her hand-carry bag. The couple looked dazed and confuse about what was happening they were suppose to visit their daughter based in San Diego, California.

According to Cortabista’s daughter Emy, they had thouroughly checked her mother’s bag 3x before they went to NAIA, turning it inside-out and shaking it to rid it of any unwanted materials.

“Hindi ko sukat akalain na mangyayari sa amin ito. Wala naman kaming ganyan…bala. Magsasaka lang kami, papaano kami magkakaroon ng bala (I never imagined this would happen to us. We don’t have that kind of thing, a bullet. We’re just farmers, so how could we have a bullet)?” said Esteban, who decided to cancel their US visit.

In the CCTV footage shown to media by the Office for Transportation Security (OTS), Salvacion was seen beeing pushed in a wheelchair in the airport, while her husband is seen carrying her shoulder bag. The husband also was the one to place her bag into the first x-ray machine located at the NAIA 1 entrance. It was apparent that nothing irregular was detected as they were allowed to proceed to the check-in counters in the departure area.

The senior citizen couple was also able to check in their baggage at the Korean Air counter before 12 noon and proceeded to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) counter.

It was after they were cleared at the BI counter that the next x-ray machine sounded off and detected the bullet in Salvacion’s shoulder bag.

Their checked in baggage were stored at the Korean Air's office, pending investigation and filing of appropriate charges by airport authorities.

The couple said, "Mga ordinaryo lang po kaming magsasaka sa Boso Boso, Antipolo. Wala naman po kaming pera. Bakit kami naman po ang bibiktimahin ng tanim-bala dito sa airport?."  (We are just ordinary farmers based in Boso Boso Antipolo, we don't have money why would they victimized us with their bullet planting scam in the airport)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Police arrest "taxi driver" Who Rob and Rape Passengers

taxi driver rapist, robber rapist taxi, Philippines taxi
taxi driver rapist, robber rapist taxi, Philippines taxi

Philippine Police have finally arrested Nitro A. Ison, alias Ricky I. Ramos, 24, who pose as a taxi driver then rob female passengers and rape them in several areas of Metro Manila for the past few months.

He was arrested at 4:00 PM last Thursday in San Miguel, Bulacan according to Police Senior Supt Ernesto T. Barlam, chief of the Makati Police Station.

Ison is said to have done robberies and holdups in Makati, Taguig, Mandaluyong, Pasay, and Quezon cities, where he would carjack a taxi and use it to ensnare female passengers. He is the suspect for the robbery and murder last February in Makati of Amparo Concepcion “Teng” Santaromana-Gamboa, widow of the late Tropical Depression frontman Dominic “Papadom” Gamboa.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) also said that Ison is the one who rob and rape a female passenger who was also raped by Ison's companion who hid in the trunk of the taxi.

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director Joel Pagdilao said that Ison could also be facing other criminal cases in connection with at least 7 cases of car thefts, 7 cases of robberies using stolen taxicabs, 3 homicide cases and at least 3 rape cases in Quezon City, Mandaluyong and other areas in southern Metro Manila.

Pagdilao said Ison would first commandeer a taxicab, pretend to be a cabbie and then rob and sometimes kill his passenger-victims, such when he allegedly picked up Gamboa.

Police said that people should be cautious when riding taxi specially at night particulary female passengers.
They should take photos of the taxi driver or the plate number when you board and send it to your relatives. Doing this can be a deterrent for criminals and if they do commit the crime, they can trace them easily.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Grace Poe Lied

Grace Poe Lied, Philippine presidential election, election Philippines 2016

Why would you vote Grace Poe if her husband is a dual citizen. Why can't they drop their US citizenship? Are they ashamed to be a Filipino? Then why would Filipinos vote for Grace Poe.

Antonio Contreras, a La Salle professor published a Facebook post questioning Senator Grace Poe for not informing the public that her husband served in the US Air Force from 1988-1992 until she was cornered to answer the issue when a website wrote an article about her husband's service in the US military that went viral.

She also lied, she was interviewed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on June 16th, 2014 she said "She didn't want to keep on depending on her parents for financial support. So when her husband got a job in the US, they decided to live as immigrants in a country where "opportunities are limitless" for those who work hard."

Her husband was enlisted in the US Air Force in 1988 up to 1992. Poe married her husband in 1991, so why would they decide to live in the US as immigrant when her husband is already employed?

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trending News: British Said Philippines, El Nido Visit was "worst days of her life"

Elayne Peddy, El Nido Palawan

Elayne Peddy, a British national visited the Philippines for a four-day stay in the town of El Nido, Palawan and she described it as the "worst days of her life." She posted a video on YouTube to tell her harrowing experience last March 27, 2016 in the Philippines. She was crying while she was telling her story.

She said that people was not nice in the Philippines, they bullied her, call her names, laugh at her and ask her to pay twice the fare for a tricycle ride because she's too big. She was called, "fat ugly monkey” and “big black fat girl. She said that she never felt so unattractive after her experience.

“My experience in the Philippines wasn’t that great. The whole experience has changed me a little bit,” she said, describing her stay in El Nido as “the worst four days of her whole entire life.”

She also said that she stayed in the Philippines for two weeks and  she did not experience the same when she visited other places like Cebu and Manila.

She described the Philippines as a paradise and a beautiful country. However, her stay in El Nido was “four days of torture.”

Peddy said she will never set foot in the Philippines again.