Friday, September 28, 2012

Wife of an ADB consultant robbed in Luneta

The wife of an American consultant of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) was robbed inside Luneta Park in Manila last September 26, 2012.

Teresa Kennedy, 65, from Chicago, Illinois, said she was walking at the Luneta Park while waiting for her friends when three men suddenly appeared from nowhere, held her head and forceibly took her earrings. She reported the incident to the Manila Police District-General Assignment Section.

She told police it was the fourth time that she was victimized by robbers since she arrived in Manila in 2009. Kennedy called on the authorities to protect foreigners and tourists, especially in the Intramuros area. Manila is not a safe place for tourists.

source Philippine Star

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SC flooded with petitions vs Cybercrime Law

September 26, 2012 4:00pm

The recently passed Cybercrime Law (RA 101750) has undoubtedly whipped up a storm, with two petitions already filed at the Supreme Court (SC) as of Tuesday, Sept. 25, questioning its constitutionality.

A few more petitions are expected to be filed at the high court, with Sen. Teofisto “TG” Guingona III and Kabataan party-list representative Raymond Palatino having expressed their interest in declaring certain provisions of the law as void.

Human rights lawyer Harry Roque has also made known his office’s desire to question the Cybercrime Law, but only before a regional trial court. Roque’s associate, Atty. Romel Bagares, said they will file a petition for “declaratory relief” since new measure has not caused any injury yet.

In the petitions already filed at the SC, and named the petitioners as businessman Louis “Barok” Biraogo and party-list group Alam.

In their 28-page petition for certiorari, prohibition, injunction and preliminary injunction filed on Sept. 24, Biraogo and Alam contend that “Sec. 4(c) [4], Sec. 12, Sec. 20, and the penal provisions of the law” as unconstitutional.

“With the enactment of Republic Act No. 10175, cyber technology, once a boom to petitioner and the general public, is now subjected to subtle but pervasive State monitoring and control,” the petition read, as quoted by

Section 4 [c] penalizes libel “committed through a computer system or any other similar means which may be devised in the future.”

Section 12, meanwhile, deems illegal “to collect or record by technical or electronic means traffic data in real-time associated with specified communications transmitted by means of a computer system.”

Section 20 lists the penalties for non-compliance with the law.

Biraogo said the passage of the law was “attended with grave abuse of discretion because its questioned provisions contravene Sections 3 (1) (on inviolability of privacy of communication) and 4 (on freedom of speech, of expression, of the press, and peaceful assembly), Art. III (Bill of Rights) of the 1987 Constitution.”

Biraogo is the same businessman who successfully petitioned the SC for the nullification of President Aquino’s creation of the Truth Commission.

Online site earlier reported that Palatino is set to challenge the law before the SC. The petition, however, will also question Section 19 of the law.

Under that section is a controversial provision that gives the Department of Justice the power to “restrict or block” a website based on prima facie evidence.

“This effectively gives DOJ total control of the Internet in the Philippines. As only prima facie evidence is needed, the new law has done away with due process. Once the DOJ realizes this new power and uses this provision to take down dissident websites – that would be the death of Internet freedom as we know it,” Palatino said, as quoted by

Source: gmanetwork news

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Juan Ponce Enrile: Trillanes a 'Phantom of PH Politics'

MANILA, Philippines - Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile on Wednesday branded Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV a "fraud" and a "Phantom of Philippine Politics" for allegedly pushing for China's interests in the territorial row over West Philippine Sea.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cop arrests man for carrying 'bayawak'

MANILA, Philippines - A man who came to Manila to visit his uncle filed charges against a policeman yesterday for allegedly arresting him for carrying two “bayawak” or monitor lizards and demanding P20,000 for his release last Friday.

Jerry Orgilles, 35, of Sta. Maria, Bulacan, accused Police Officer 3 Jessie Villanueva of robbery extortion, theft, threat and coercion at the Manila Police District (MPD) General Assignment Section.

Orgilles told Senior Police Officer 2 John Cayetano that Villanueva arrested him after got off a bus in Sta. Cruz, Manila because of the lizards he was about to bring his uncle as gifts.

He said Villanueva brought him to the Arranque market, where the policeman sold the lizards for P3,000 and took all the proceeds. Orgilles said Villanueva took him to the Alvarez community precinct and told him he will be charged unless he coughs up P20,000.

He said Villanueva released him when he realized he could not come up with the money.

Sources said Villanueva is no longer with the MPD. He was reportedly transferred to the National Capital Regional Police Office after being charged with illegally releasing a suspect in July.

Villanueva, PO3 Frederick Pastor and Barangay 253 Zone 23 chairman Joel Amores were accused by businessman Juanito Tan of illegally releasing Ernesto Cortez, who is the subject of an arrest warrant for issuing a bouncing check.

source: The Philippine Star

Balikbayan accuses 11 cops of extortion

PNP, police scalawags, corrupt police, kotong cops
MANILA, Philippines – A balikbayan from Canada is accusing 11 policemen of extortion. The complainant, Belinda Placido, claimed she was arrested by 10 members of Manila Police District (MPD) Station 4 and a personnel from Police Security and Protection Group in Zambales. Placido said the policemen tagged her in the killing of a policeman's son, and then brought her to Camp Crame. The complainant said she was eventually transferred to MPD Station 4's Anti-Crime Unit where she was detained for two days. Placido said she was released after she paid the policemen's alleged demand of P1 million. The complainant has sought the help of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim.

SEN. Trillanes Withdraws from the Majority; Trillanes and Enrile Faces Off

MANILA, Philippines - Senator Antonio Trillanes IV withdrew from the Senate majority on Wednesday after saying he has lost confidence in Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Sen. Trillanes accused Enrile of railroading the passage of the bill creating the new province of Nueva Camarines, due to his alleged indebtedness to former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

"It was about the local bill on the division of the province of Camarines Sur. Without elaborating on the details of what happened in that caucus, suffice to say that I was shoved aside for the ‘nth’ time. Eto na naman po,’"kung gusto ko, isasagasa ko,’” Trillanes said, referring to the caucus Enrile called last July 24.

Trillanes said he learned from an article in The Philippine Star that former President Arroyo called up Enrile asked him to speed up the passage of measure.

Enrile was explaining his side to Trillanes when the exchange shifted to the younger senator’s backdoor negotiations with the Chinese government regarding the West Philippine Sea dispute.

Enrile was asking Trillanes about the meetings but the young senator refused to answer.

"This line of questioning is irrelevant. If this line of questioning continues... I refuse to yield the floor," Trillanes said.

Enrile then presented a note from Ambassador to China Sonia Brady, which detailed the conversations between her and Trillanes.

Walk out

At this point, Trillanes walked out of the session hall.

Reading Brady's notes, Enrile said Trillanes was accusing Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario of committing treasonous acts with the way he is dealing with the Scarborough Shoal dispute.

"This is a senator talking against a Cabinet member," Enrile said.

Moreover, it was revealed that Trillanes, who said he got the approval of President Benigno Aquino III, met with the Chinese at least 16 times without the knowledge of Enrile.

"Imagine talking to the potential enemy of your country 16 times... My God, this guy is a fraud," Enrile said.

The note added that Trillanes told the Chinese government that no one in the Philippines want the disputed shoal, and that the Philippine government cannot enforce coastal protection.

"Pilipino ba ‘yan? Makabayan ba ‘yan? My God, what kind of a senator is this?" Enrile said, adding that Trillanes is a trained military man who knows nothing about military strategy.

"What a senator. Nakakahiya," Enrile said.

source Philstar

Monday, September 17, 2012

Remittances All time High hit $2 billion in July

MANILA, Philippines - Remittances by Filipinos working and living overseas reached $2 billion in July, growing 5.4% year-on-year, data from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas showed.

Remittances in the January to July period hit $13.3 billion, 5.3% up from the previous year.

"Driving the uptrend during the 7-month period were robust remittance flows from both land-based OF workers with work contracts of one year or more ($10 billion) as well as sea-based workers and land-based workers with short-term contracts ($3 billion) which grew by 2.8% and 13.7% respectively," the BSP said.

The BSP expects 5% growth in total cash remittances this year.

Major sources of remittances during the first 7 months of the year were US (43.4% of total), Canada (9.6%), Saudi Arabia (7.5%), United Kingdom (4.8%), Japan (4.9%), United Arab Emirates (4.1%) and Singapore (4%).


Saturday, September 15, 2012

PNP issues updated guidelines on checkpoints

PNP, police, kotong cops

In light of alarming increase in ABUSES done by cops on its citizenry and in a bid to eradicate these abuses committed by police elements in the conduct of anti-crime operations, Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Nicanor Bartolome issued today a 10-point list of guidelines to be observed by lawmen manning checkpoints.

According to General Bartolome, the PNP will strictly abide by the instruction of the Department of Justice to implement a "no tint" or "clear window" policy among marked police vehicles in order to gain the trust and confidence of the citizenry. The move is also designed to prevent scalawags in uniform from using police cars for their illicit activities or violating traffic regulations.

The general public is thus advised on these 10 rules on military/police checkpoints:

* Checkpoint must be well-lit, properly identified and manned by uniformed personnel.

* Upon approach, slow down, dim headlights and turn on cabin lights. Never step out of the vehicle.

* Lock all doors. Only visual search is allowed.

* Do not submit to a physical or body search.

* You are not obliged to open the glove compartment, the trunk or bags.

* Ordinary/routine questions may be asked. Be courteous but firm with answers.

* Assert your rights, have presence of mind and do not panic.

* Keep your driver's license and car registration handy and within reach.

* Be ready to use your cell phone at any time. Save an emergency number on your speed dial.

* Report violations immediately. Your actions may save others.

This public advisory guides motorists on how to deal with authorities at checkpoints. The objective is to ensure its implementation in proper searches and seizures to avoid violation of human rights. The advisory also serves as a warning to erring law enforcers. The PNP wants to eliminate illegal checkpoints.

"As the promotion of right-based policing becomes a focal point in the agenda of the PNP leadership, the conduct of police or law enforcement must be in compliance with human rights standards," stated General Bartolome.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kotong cop, 15 others get ax

‘Kotong’ cop, crooked cops, Philippines, de la Pena,

SPO4 Jose de la Peña Jr, the policeman who is accused of extorting money from the son of National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director Chief Superintendent Leonardo Espina was ordered dismissed from the service Wednesday for a similar offense he committed in 2009, this time involving the son of a retired military general.

Investigation showed that on Nov. 7, 2009, Castro’s son was driving his car when he was flagged down by De la Peña and the four other policemen at a checkpoint in Barangay Mariana, Quezon City. De la Peña checked the driver’s license of Castro’s son as he ordered his men to conduct an “extensive search” of the vehicle. Afterward, he ordered the general’s son to get into a police car while he drove the former’s car himself.

With his name dropped from the police roster, SPO4 Jose de la Peña Jr. now faces the forfeiture of his retirement benefits worth P2 million.

Aside from De la Peña, 15 other policemen have been ordered axed from the service for various offenses. They were identified as Supt. Rogelio Rosales, a former Manila police station commander; Police Officers 1 Benjamin Gonzales, Adolfo Bautista Jr., Rommel Isidro, Nicoli Vigilia, Eric Babasa and Rustico Gabuco; Police Officers 2 Ferdinand Raquin, John Pierre Bautista and Repablo Genarao and SPO2 Federico Lictawa.

Also ordered dismissed were De la Pena’s coaccused in the 2009 extortion case—Police Officers 3 Rodolfo de Jesus and Carlos Bromeo and Police Officers 2 Crodel de Jose and Dionel Rosario.

Friday, September 7, 2012

One of two cops in extortion try on son of PNP NCRPO chief Espina surfaces

One of two policemen linked to an extortion try on incoming Metro Manila police head Chief Superintendent Leonardo Espina's son in Quezon City last Tuesday surfaced on Thursday.

PO2 Resty del Rosario claimed he was just following orders from SPO4 Jose dela Peña, and insisted they got no money from Espina's son, Quezon City Police District head Chief Superintendent Mario dela Vega said.

"Iche-check ko personally from him ano naging role niya. (Sabi niya) sumunod lang siya, just got instructions from SPO4 dela Peña (I will verify his claims. He said he was just following instructions from SPO4 dela Peña)," dela Vega said in an interview on dzBB radio.

The two policemen had been tagged in an extortion try on Espina's son at Santolan in Quezon City last Tuesday night. The elder Espina is to assume his new post Friday.

An initial investigation showed the two policemen accused Espina's son of having phone sex inside his car, and demanding P20,000 from him.

But after Espina's son allegedly withdrew the money, he had the two policemen talk to his father on the phone.

Dela Vega also said the two policemen are considered on floating status, being relieved from mobile patrol for now.

He said del Rosario claimed dela Peña boarded the younger Espina's car, and that he followed aboard the police mobile patrol car.

"Dalawang beses sila huminto sa Metrobank ATM at isang beses sa Chinabank ATM (They passed by two Metrobank ATMs and one Chinabank ATM)," dela Vega said, but added del Rosario insisted no withdrawal of money took place.

For now, dela Vega said del Rosario has submitted his explanation, and he instructed him to get dela Peña to surface.

He said he is giving dela Peña until 3 p.m. to surface, after which he may issue him a return-to-work order.

If he still does not show up, he will face administrative and criminal charges, dela Vega said.

These include extortion and grave misconduct, he added. — ELR, GMA News