Monday, September 30, 2013

Chito Miranda - Neri Naig Sex Video Part 2

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The Chito at Neri Sex Video scandal part 2 has now making rounds on social media particularly on Facebook. I never thought that there would be another one, the question is how many are there recorded in the stolen Hard drive.

If you are interested to watch the video you can just google, Chito at Neri part 2 I'm not crazy to post the link here.

You can check out discussions about it here:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mark Solis the Photo thief wants to keep cash prize

MANILA, Philippines - After citing youthful lapse of judgment, the lure of travel abroad, and the prize money, Mark Joseph Solis now says that poverty drove him to lift someone else’s photo and submit it as his own to a contest sponsored by the Chilean embassy in Manila.

He has not returned the prize money of $1,000, and issued an appeal that he be allowed to keep it.

In an interview with GMA News TV, Solis explained that he only wanted help ease his family’s financial problems.

“Hirap din sa buhay, minsan gusto mo rin ng bagong gamit kahit papano, minsan kapos sa tuition, in fact ngayon hindi pa ako nakakabayad ng tuition ko sa UP (Life is hard, sometimes you want new things, sometimes you lack tuition money, in fact I haven’t paid my UP tuition yet).”

Solis, along with his mother Amelia, showed the news crew their modest rented home, which they are also renting out to other people to augment their income.

However, netizen Maricris Valte, who used to work with Solis, urged the fact-finding committee of the University of the Philippines (UP) to conduct a lifestyle check.

“Watching Mark Solis’ interview on GMA News TV, where he claims that money problems forced him to resort to misrepresenting himself. I want to puke! I’ve seen his house in Las Piñas and the venue of the GMA-7 interview doesn’t look anything close to his house. He has more expensive gadgets than I have! I challenge the fact-finding committee of UP to investigate his and his family’s lifestyle,” Valte posted on her Facebook account.

When asked to elaborate, Valte told The STAR that Solis used to work in a project that she was managing and that they rode in the same service car that ferried him from his home in Las Piñas to their seminar venue in Tagaytay.

Valte also disputes Solis’ claims that he led the research arm of the Philippine Society of Public Administration (PSPA). “He was contracted for my project Dec. 1, 2012 and unless this is where he spent those times that he was absent from work, there is no way that he could have been ‘leading’ the research arm of PSPA. I recommended the pre-termination of his contract effective March 8, 2013.”

Another case of misrepresentation, Valte pointed out, is the political science thesis of Solis titled “Accountability Deficit and Electoral Violence: The Case of Civilian Volunteer Organizations in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao,” which received a mark of 1.25, reportedly the highest in his class.

“As Dr. Maria Ela Atienza of Pol Sci dept said, there is no undergraduate thesis in Pol Sci, unless you belong to a 5-year BA-MA Honors program (and Mark did not belong to this program). In such case, you get a grade of P or F for your thesis, with no numerical equivalent,” Valte said.

Meanwhile, University of the Philippines president Alfredo Pascual yesterday said he shares the outrage felt by everyone over the issue involving graduate student Solis, who won in a photo essay competition by submitting a photo lifted from the Internet.

“I would like to assure the public that the UP administration is treating this matter very seriously. I share the outrage felt by everyone,” said Pascual in a statement.

“Upon my instructions, the UP National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG) has formed a fact-finding committee to establish the circumstances and chronology of events as well as the digital footprints related to this issue and to recommend measures to be undertaken to ensure that justice is served,” he said.

UP NCPAG dean Maria Fe Mendoza said the fact-finding committee is composed of a senior faculty, a junior faculty, and a student representative.

Solis, a graduate of political science in UP, is currently enrolled in his first semester at the UP NCPAG for his masters degree.

“We share the indignation of many people who find the action of Mr. Solis profoundly deplorable. Let us allow due process to take its complete course,” UP-NCPAG said in a statement.

Earlier, UP vice president for public affairs J. Prospero de Vera said the three-person fact-finding committee was given until Oct. 4 to submit its recommendations.

“The fact-finding committee, after the appraisal of the facts, will say whether (or not) they think there are violations of university rules and regulations,” said De Vera.

As regards requests posted on the Internet asking the university to withdraw the political science degree granted to Solis, De Vera said UP could not just decide on the matter without giving him due process.

“There is a process involved as far as taking back degrees because that is given by the Board of Regents,” said the vice president.

“The board will have to act on it based on a complaint, based on an investigation, and based on the use of due process through the student disciplinary tribunal,” he said.

UP Diliman chancellor Caesar Saloma had said the university is currently in the process of revising its student rules and regulations.

Saloma said the 2012 Code of Student Conduct – a draft of which was released on the UP website – is still under consultation and has yet to take effect.

The present one in effect is the 1998 rules and regulations on student conduct and discipline.

Section 1 of the 1998 rule states that “students shall at all times observe the laws of the land and the rules and regulations of the university.”

The Cultural Center of the Philippines, partner of the Chilean embassy in the Calidad Humana project, yesterday issued a statement deploring Solis’ act of plagiarism.

“His action becomes even more shameless when he personally received his prizes from Ambassador Roberto Mayorga during the celebration of the National Day of Chile,” CCP said. “We understand that Mr. Solis will be living in the shadow of his shame.”

The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPPAP) likewise said that their own investigation is underway and that if Solis is proven guilty the reward will be recalled “without prejudice to the filing of civil and criminal cases if warranted by circumstances.”  – Janvic Mateo, Jose Rodel Clapano, Verns Joven philstar


Jinggoy said P50M additional funds was given to senators who voted to convict former Chief Justice Corona

Jinggoy,PDAF,Pork Barrel

Senator Jinggoy Estrada on Thursday said in a privilage speach that additional P50-million funds were given to senators who voted to convict former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Estrada said the allocation was "provided in a private and confidential letter" from current Senate President Franklin Drilon, who was Senate finance committee chairperson at the time.

Former Chief Justice Corona was convicted by the Senate impeachment court on May 29, 2012 for betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Philippine Constitution. The vote was 20 for conviction and three for acquittal.

Senators who voted for Corona's conviction:

Edgardo Angara
Alan Peter Cayetano
Pia Cayetano
Franklin Drilon
Francis Escudero
Jinggoy Estrada
Teofisto Guingona III
Gregorio Honasan II
Panfilo Lacson
Lito Lapid
Loren Legarda
Sergio Osmeña III
Francis Pangilinan
Aqulino "Koko" Pimentel III
Ralph Recto
Ramon Bong Revilla Jr.
Vicente Sotto III
Antonio Trillanes IV
Manuel Villar
Juan Ponce Enrile

Those who voted to acquit Corona:

Joker Arroyo
Miriam Defensor-Santiago
Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Estrada also said that officials of President Aquino's government also used pork barrel funds to gather support from lawmakers on certain issues like the impeachment of former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez.

COA head Pulido Tan said that Sen. Jinggoy Estrada did not deny any part of the COA special audit that he called “biased” and “selective” in a privilege speech Wednesday.

“I wasn't hurt. As a matter of fact natutuwa ako na wala siyang dineny. Ang sa akin ibig sabihin nun na tama 'yung aming findings. Lahat 'yun documented, hindi manufactured 'yun. That's a vindication for us,” Pulido Tan said .

She also revealed that Sen. Jinggoy asked for a favor, but she did not reveal what it was.

“I have been going abroad for official business. As a matter of fact he knows that, alam niya kasi nung July nasa New York ako, tinawagan niya ako at meron siyang request,” she said.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

UP student Mark Joseph Solis Apologize in an Interview with GMA News TV

UP student Mark Joseph Solis apologize during an interview with GMA News TV. He apoligize to the owner of the picture Gregory John Smith and the whole UP community. He said that he commited it because of financial difficulties, he wants to win the monetary award to help his family.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

UP student Mark Joseph Solis a "Serial" Photo Grabber

A winning photo of a smiling boy that recently won a contest sponsored by the Chilean ambassador Roberto Mayorga has become the subject of controversy on the internet on Sunday after the real owner of the picture claimed it was his.

The photo "smiling boy gathering seaweed in Zamboanga City" won in the "Smiles for the World photo contest" by Chilean Ambassador Roberto Mayorga. The photo was already taken down from the site.

Mark Joseph Solis the contest winner and the allegged fraudster is a 22-year-old student of the University of the Philippines and he call himself an "amateur" photographer, has been selected the winner against 30 pre-qualified contestants selected from about 500 entries from around the country in the 2nd Calidad Humana National Essay Photography Competition hosted by the Chilean embassy on the occasion of Chile’s 203rd year of independence.

UP student Mark Joseph Solis, Serial Photo Grabber, Mark Joseph Solis

Solis won $1,000 and a round-trip ticket to Brazil and Chile with accommodations for the photo.

In Solis article about the photo, the boy is a victim of Typhoon Lawin, his house was badly damaged. "The Filipino spirit is waterproof. I thought about several values that we have: social resiliency, guarded optimism, people feeling happy. Filipinos, even if things get bad, even if we are poor, as long as we are happy, we are OK. That’s Filipino culture. It’s something that’s woven into the socio-cultural fabric of the nation."

Gregory John Smith last Saturday complained on his Facebook page that he is the owner of the winning photo. Gregory , according to his Facebook page, is a social entrepreneur at Children At Risk Foundation in Brazil.

"WOW! There is really no limit to people's abuse of others in this world. This is one of my photographs that just won first prize in a contest that I never entered. Well, I could certainly make good use of that prize money and the travel prize too, as I plan a trip to the Phipippines at the beginning of next year with two of my Jovens Guerreiros - Young Warriors Brazil to visit Young warriors programme in the Philippines. I wonder what their Jury will say now?" Gregory posted on his wall.

Here is the original photo that is listed on the Children At Risk Foundation Flickr account with the title “Or maybe Neptune’s son with Amphitrite, Triton?”

It was also found out that Solis submitted the same photo for another contest "Water and Life: 2013 ICIMOD Digital Photo Contest" with a different description "This kid helps his father harvest seaweed in Ramanathapuram district, India."

Back in 2011, Solis also won a contest "SAY PEACE Photo Contest" by Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process with another stolen photo.

The original photo was taken from here:

Solis has apologized to Gregory John Smith saying: "I was driven by my youth, lack of experience, and the inability to see the repercussions of my actions. The sheer amount of the prize, the stiff competition, and the unique opportunity to be abroad blinded me from undertaking what is supposed to be an honest and a rightful conduct. It was a regrettable lapse on my judgment, and no words can express how sorry I am for taking your photo as mine." But he did it multiple times, his intention is fraud and not simply lack of experience. He should face the law for his actions.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Philippines Military free 116 hostages from Muslim rebels

Zamboanga city,MNLF,Military,war

ZAMBOANGA (Philippines) — The Philippine Military have taken back control of about 70% of the coastal areas of a southern city that were occupied by Muslim rebels Moro National Liberation Front and rescued 116 of more than 100 civilians held hostage in a nine-day standoff, the military said today (Sept 17, 2013).

Military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Ramon Zagala said that 64 civilians were freed, some of them escaped during military operations earlier today. Then another 14 walked to freedom in separate batches. That brought to 116 the number of those rescued in the last 18 hours.

He also said that more than 100 Moro National Liberation Front rebels were still holding other hostages in the remaining pockets they controlled in five coastal villages in Zamboanga city. The government initially estimated more than 180 people were being held by the rebels, but Lt-Col Zagala said the exact number was unclear.

Three (3) soldiers were killed and 10 wounded today in the latest fighting in Zamboanga city, which followed a day of military airstrikes on rebel positions. That brings the death toll on the government side to 12 — nine soldiers and three policemen.

Troops and special police forces have killed or arrested more than 100 rebels who occupied the coastal areas after government forces foiled what officials said was an attempt by the heavily armed insurgents to take control of city hall on Sept 8.

Seven civilians have been killed in the fighting.

Troops have tried to contain the clashes on the outskirts of Zamboanga, a largely Christian city of nearly 1 million people, but suspected rebel mortar fire destroyed a car near the city’s downtown area yesterday, raising fears the gunmen were attempting to divert the military’s attention.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jeane Napoles With PNoy Aquino

Jeane Napoles,NoyNoy Aquino,crush

MANILA - Malacanang Palace said that the public should not maliciously interpret the picture of President Benigno Aquino III and Janet Lim Napoles' daughter, Jeane, to mean that the President is connected to the Napoleses.

Presidential Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang said Aquino does not know any of the Napoleses even as a picture of him and Jeane surfaced, apparently taken from the latter's Instagram account.

Carandang said the picture was taken late November last year at a private event in Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu following the canonization of St. Pedro Calungsod.

Franklin Drilon with Napoles
Franklin Drilon with Napoles
Franklin Drilon with Napoles

Another official who is close to the Palace has also been seen with Napoles. GMA7 last Monday showed several photos of the Senate President Franklin Drilon and his wife Mila with the Napoles couple at a party in Heritage Park in Taguig. The photos were sent to broadcast journalist Arnold Clavio by an anonymous source.

According to an earlier Rappler report, Napoles' mausoleum in Heritage Park, reportedly worth P30 million, is where she hosts gatherings for political and show business VIPs.

Here's another photo of the president with Janet Napoles husband:

Napoles and Noynoy
Another picture, Janet Napoles with the president:

Picture source:

Philippine Muslim Rebels (MNLF) Attack Another Province

Philippine Muslim Rebels, MNLF, war

VOA News reported that the Moro National Liberation Front have attacked a second province in the southern Philippines, not far from where they are engaged in a four day-long standoff with the military.

The rebels on Thursday attacked the island province of Basilan, where local officials say at least two people were wounded.

Basilan Island is more or less 30 kilometers from the key port city of Zamboanga, where about 200 MNLF fighters have taken scores of civilians hostage since Monday.

About 13,000 residents have fled the fighting, leaving parts of the city abandoned and resembling a war zone. So far, at least nine (9) people have died in the conflict.

JV Faustino, editor of the Zamboanga Today newspaper, tells VOA the atmosphere is tense.

"All the businesses remain closed for the fourth day today, although some people are already coming out on the streets. But generally the situation is not normal. I see a number of troops roaming around the city, including tanks and heavy military equipment."

Colonel Rodrigo Gregorio of the Philippine military says for now there is no effort to retake the areas held by rebels, who are said to be holding some of the hostages as human shields.

"There is no effort yet to decisively capture the objectives because of our present mission. Unless all else fails, including political and diplomatic means, that mission could possibly be changed. We hope we don't have to reach that point."

The MNLF has long pushed for greater autonomy in the mainly Muslim south, where more than 150,000 people have died during a four decade-long insurgency.

The MNLF signed a peace agreement with the government in 1996 that led to the creation of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. But some of its members continued to fight, claiming Manila did not hold up its end of the deal to develop the impoverished, rural region.

MNLF founder Nur Misuari has also criticized the government's peace talks with a breakaway faction, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Fearing the negotiations may marginalize his own group's power, Misuari last month declared parts of the region to be independent of Manila.

Under Misuari's leadership, the MNLF in 2001 carried out a similar attack in Zamboanga. The fighters were later allowed to leave after releasing their hostages.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Frank Chavez Dead at 66

Frank Chavez

MANILA, Philippines—Former Solicitor General Frank Chavez passes away Wednesday night due to stroke at the age of 66. It was confirmed to Radyo Inquirer 990AM in a phone conversation with Chavez’ daughter Ingrid Chavez.

Ingrid said that her father died at 10:20 p.m. She refuted rumors on the cause of the death of her father.
She said that the only cause of her father’s death was related to his health. Chavez was reportedly confined at The Medical City on Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City.

Friday, September 6, 2013

MRT resumes operations after a technical glitch

Metro Rail Transit Line 3 operations stopped Friday afternoon because of a technical glitch. It resumes operation by 4 p.m. and is now back to normal.

Radio dzBB reported "A technical problem forced the MRT to suspend trips between its stations in Ortigas and North Avenue in Quezon City."

"Shaw to Taft lang po ang byahe (Trips are limited to between Shaw Boulevard and Taft Avenue)," a photo posted by radio dzBB's Glen Juego showing a sign on the MRT's Ortigas station.

But as of 4 p.m., an updated dzBB report said the MRT-3's operations were back to normal.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Burgundy Tower Makati Shootout Two Dead

Burgundy Tower Makati Shootout One Dead

MANILA, Philippines – Two were reported dead in a shootout at the Burgundy Corporate Tower in Makati City. The identity of the fatalities were not revealed.

According to the Makati Public Information Office (PIO), Makati Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT), Traffic Police, and Makati Rescue operatives are on site to attend to the "alleged hostage taking."

Makati Mayor Junjun Binay went to the area to head a clearing operations.

UPDATE: Only One (1) is dead and the other one is seriously wounded .

A person was killed and another got wounded in a shootout involving security guards at Burgundy Tower along Gil Puyat in Makati City Thursday afternoon.

Makati police chief Sr. Supt. Manuel Lukban said the shooting incident, which involved two security groups, occurred at around 5:40 p.m.

The fatality was identified as Jimmy Lagunsad, a guard from the Sidekick Security Agency.
He was declared dead on arrival at Makati Medical Center.

Lukban said it took a while before Makati police were able to penetrate the area since the building was closed by armed men.

The shootout reportedly occurred after a sheriff arrived to serve a temporary restraining order against the incumbent board of directors led by Wilfredo Serafica.

The sheriff was accompanied by the Sidekick Security Agency.

They claimed that the Swag Security Agency, which was with Serafica, fired at them when they arrived at the 18th floor.
The Swag Security Agency, meanwhile, said guards from the Sidekick Agency were the first to fire shots.

Tenants have already been evacuated and security guards have been accosted by police, Southern Police District (SPD) director Chief Supt. Jose Erwin Villacorte said. -- Reports from Eric Dastas, dzMM; Pinky Webb, ABS-CBN News

Monday, September 2, 2013

Eat Bulaga’s Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh Scandal

Another celebrity scandal has rocked the show business industry this time it's Eat Bulaga’s Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh scandal video spreading like wild fire on the internet.

Check out more info HERE

This could be a career ender for both Wally Bayola and Yoshika “Yosh” Rivera. The video can also be used as potential evidence for a criminal act, concubinage if his wife Riza decides to file a case. That carries a four-year sentence, (Family Code of the Philippines). While some legal experts say this is “hard to prove” in court, the video can still be used as a strong piece of evidence.