Thursday, February 7, 2013

USJR Cebu Sex Scandal viral Video - University of San Jose-Recoletos Student in Uniform

A student of USJR Cebu Sex Scandal Video went trending in social networking sites when someone uploaded the video in an online sharing site.

The student said that they are victims of the proliferation of their sex video which is being popularly tagged on the internet as USJR cebu sex video.

She said her boyfriend's cellphone which contain the said video was stolen two years ago.

She believes that the thief was the one responsible for uploading the USJR Cebu Sex Scandal on the internet. Some online sources mentioned that the USJR Cebu Sex video scandal is composed of 7 parts.

One of the USJR Cebu Sex videos we saw showed the student in uniform.

The victim denied the reports that she attempted to commit suicide because of the shame and embarrassment due to the sex video scandal.

She said she is affected by the controversy but she is carrying on, thanks to the support of her family and friends who stood by her side.

The student also asked the public not to spread her sex video to others and appealed to those who have copies to delete it.

Meanwhile, the female college student who is reportedly a dean’s lister, has sought the assistance of a lawyer to ask her school to allow her to graduate this coming March.

The school on the other hand issued an announcement on Monday advising students to skip wearing their school uniform.

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