Monday, August 29, 2016

President Duterte Asked China to Treat Filipinos as Brothers on National Heroes Day

President Rodrigo Duterte National Heroes Day

President Rodrigo Duterte asked China to treat Filipinos as brothers not enemies as he promised to stand firm with the Philippine's position to resolve the territorial dispute through a peaceful means during his speach following a wreath-laying ceremony in observance of National Heroes Day, Monday, August 29, 2016 at the Heroes Cemetery in Taguig city.

Duterte said he is hoping China would consider the conditions of the poor Filipino fishermen who depend on the West Philippines Sea.

“And I know the dynamics inside China, it has been explained to me very well. But if we’ll not be. The Chinese people this time might find a place in their hearts for the Filipinos. After all, I come from... there’s a Chinese blood in me, so I hope that you treat us as your brothers, not your enemies and take note of the plight of our citizens,” said Duterte on Monday, August 29, to an audience that included Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua.

Duterte said he wanted to hold bilateral talks with China to avoid risk of the latter walking out of the negotiation.

Duterte promised not to bring up the controversial West Philippine Sea ruling (decision of the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea in The Hague, the Netherlands) outside bilateral talks between Manila and Beijing. But he said that he will use the ruling once representatives of the countries are face to face in formal negotiations.

"I will not use the judgement, arbitral, now but I would one day sit in front of the representative or you and then I will lay it bare, my position. I would say that I could not get out of the 4 corners of this document and that is the arbitral judgement," Duterte said.

Zhao, in a chance interview with reporters, said he appreciated Duterte's appeal to preserve the friendship between Chinese and Filipinos.

"The Filipinos are always in the hearts of Chinese people. We have been friends, partners, even relatives, for a thousand years despite the troubles we have. We're confident the friendship will be deepened," said the Chinese diplomat.

Zhao repeated China's stance of not recognizing the Hague ruling but said the Chinese are looking forward to bilateral talks between the two countries.

"We cannot accept the arbitration award but we do look forward to talk to the Philippines bilaterally of the troubles we have," said Zhao.

As for letting Filipino fishermen fish in the West Philippine Sea, he said, "We'll look at the possibility of how we handle it. The details are not hammered out yet but we need to discuss with the Filipino side. I don't know the exact situation on the sea but we'll look at the possibilities."

Friday, August 26, 2016

Filipino Fisherman Found a Pearl That Could Be Worth More Than $100M

worlds biggest pearl, worlds largest pearl, pearl

A Filipino fisherman found a huge natural pearl that might be biggest in the world and he kept it hidden for more than 10 years under his bed.

The pearl is about 12 inches wide and 27 inches long, and it weighs 75 pounds, according to the Guardian. The fisherman said he actually found the pearl more than 10 years ago while he was in the waters surrounding Palawan Island to catch fish. His boat's anchor snagged on the giant clam, and he dived underwater to free it that's when he discovered the giant pearl.

Unaware of the pearl's potential value, he just kept it under his bed for more than a decade as a good luck charm, he would touch it every time he prepared to leave for a fishing trip. Then when he have to leave his house he asked his aunt, tourism officer Aileen Cynthia Maggay-Amurao to keep it safe. His aunt immediately recognized the pearl's significance and asked him permission to present the pearl to the mayor of Puerto Princesa, Lucilo R. Bayon. Now, it's on display in the atrium of the local New Green City Hall while Maggay-Amurao awaits an expert who can verify its authenticity.

If it is confirmed to be a real natural pearl that formed within a giant clam, this 75-pound find would be significantly larger than the current "world's largest pearl" record-holder, which was discovered in 1939 and weighs a mere 14 pounds. It would also be worth more than $100 million.

Source The Guardian

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Forbes Asia Richest Person in the Philippines Still Henry Sy

Henry Sy, Richest man in the Philippines
Henry Sy of SM is still the wealthiest person in the Philippines for 9th year in a row raking in US$13.7 billion followed by John Gokongwei Jr. with $6.8 billion in the yearly ranking of Forbes Asia magazine.

Here's the full list of Forbes Asia magazine 2016's Richest in the Philippines

1)  Henry Sy; US$13.7 billion
2)  John Gokongwei Jr.; $6.8 billion
3)  Aboitiz family; $5 billion
4)  Lucio Tan; $4.9 billion
5)  George Ty; $4.6 billion
6)  Tony Tan Caktiong; $4.3 billion
7)  Jaime Zobel de Ayala & family; $4.1 billion
8)  Enrique Razon Jr.; $3.5 billion
9)  David Consunji; $3.1 billion
10) Andrew Tan; $3 billion
11) Lucio and Susan Co; $2 billion
12) Manuel Villar; $1.8 billion
13) Robert Coyiuto, Jr.; $1.7 billion
14) Inigo & Mercedes Zobel; $1.5 billion
15) Gotianun family; $1.3 billion
16) Ramon Ang; $1.21 billion
17) Edgar Sia; $1.2 billion
18) Roberto Ongpin; $1.19 billion
19) Dean Lao; $1.15 billion
20) Eduardo Cojuangco; $1.14 billion
21) Yap family; $1.1 billion
22) Ricardo Po family; $950 million
23) Oscar Lopez; $940 million
24) Vivian Que Azcona; $900 million
25) Alfredo Yao; $810 million
26) Betty Ang; $800 million
27) Beatrice Campos; $700 million
28) Carlos Chan; $550 million
29) Frederick Dy; $480 million
30) Concepcion family; $450 million
31) Jorge Araneta; $430 million
32) Alfonso Yuchengco; $400 million
33) Mariano Tan Jr.; $370 million
34) Manuel Zamora; $300 million
35) Michael Cosiquien; $265 million;
36) Wilfred Steven Uytengsu Jr.; $260 million
37) Edgar Saavedra; $255 million
38) Eric Recto; $250 million
39) Jacinto Ng; $200 million
40) Jose Antonio; $195 million
41) Tomas Alcantara; $190 million
42) Gilberto Duavit; $185 million
43) Menardo Jimenez; $180 million
44) Ben Tiu; $175 million
45) P.J. Lhuillier; $170 million
46) Bienvenido Tantoco Sr.; $165 million
47) Felipe Gozon; $160 million
48) Juliette Romualdez; $155 million
49) Michael Romero; $150 million
50) Luis Virata; $145 million

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ATM Serial Killer Lipa, Batangas

ATM Serial Killer Lipa Batangas, serail killer Lipa, serial killer Batangas
Screen grab of the suspected Atm Serial Killer from Saksi News

ATM Serial Killer Lipa Batangas, serail killer Lipa, serial killer Batangas
Screen grab of the suspected Atm Serial Killer from Saksi News

ATM Serial Killer Lipa Batangas, serail killer Lipa, serial killer Batangas
Screen grab of the suspected Atm Serial Killer from Saksi News

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is looking for a man who is the suspect of the recent robbery and killings in Lipa, Batangas. He is also the suspect for the disappearance of a 23-year old cadet engineer Kevin Diño.

According to news report on GMA News "24 Oras", a surveillance video of a bank in Makati shows the man withdrawing money from an ATM machine using the ATM card of Diño. It was captured last October 2015 few days after Diño went missing. Diño was last seen leaving his office in Pasig City. Unfortunately, that video wasn't clear enough.

On March 14, another surveillance video from another ATM machine this time located in Quezon City shows the same man withdrawing money using the ATM card of Ariel Rosales from Lipa City, Batangas who was killed last March 13 also in Lipa. Rosales lifeless body was discovered hog-tied with a blunt head trauma as cause of death.

The police said that there are more cases with the same modus in Lipa that happened from February to April 2016:

- On February 25 the police found the lifeless body of Henry Ramirez. He was missing his wallet, jewel
- After two days(February 27), police found another dead body this time it was Xyruz Bonifacio who is a teacher. He was missing his wallet and cellphone.
- On April 22, they found the dead body of Mark Quizon in Silang, Cavite. Eventhough he was discovered in Cavite he lives in Lipa.

All of the victims' ATM were used to withdraw money. Another possible victim is Florante Makalintal who is a principal and he have been missing for a month now.


Monday, August 22, 2016

DOTC Chief Wants to Dismantle LRT-2

LRT 2, save LRT2, Masinag, Masinag extension

Despite the ongoing LRT2 extension construction and argubly the better train line in the Philippines compared to LRT1 and MRT, DOTC Secretary Arthur Tugade is thinking about the possibilty of dismantling the LRT-2 and convert it to bus rapid transit  system.

“I’m thinking of converting the LRT-2 into a BRT system wherein we will remove the rails. It’s not new, I copied it similar to Hong Kong and Shanghai. If you put the right buses, if you do the right technology, there can even be more and it’s cheaper,” Transport Secretary Arthur Tugade told reporters. “It’s not yet final. We are seriously studying it,” Tugade said, adding the LRT Line 2 was now 14 years old.

The existing LRT2 is a 13.8-kilometer mass transit line, which runs across five cities in Metro Manila, namely Pasig, Marikina, Quezon City, San Juan and Manila. It passes the major thoroughfares of Marcos Highway, Aurora Boulevard, Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard, Legarda Street and Recto Avenue.

The LRT2 cost about P31 billion in soft loans funded mainly by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. The previous government had awarded a P2.27-billon contract to construct the extension of the existing LRT 2 to Masinag in Antipolo.

The LRT 2 east extension project involves adding 4.2 kilometers to the railway from the existing Santolan station at Marcos Highway, Pasig City, all the way to the intersection of Marcos and Sumulong highways in Masinag, Antipolo.

This doesn't seat well with about 300,000 people average daily riders of the train line. They set up a Facebook page and a petition to save the LRT2 or MRT2
LRT 2, save LRT2, Masinag, Masinag extension

LRT 2, save LRT2, Masinag, Masinag extension
LRT 2, save LRT2, Masinag, Masinag extension
LRT 2, save LRT2, Masinag, Masinag extension

 sign the petition here to SAVE LRT2


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Official Philippines Holidays for 2017 Declared

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday released the list of national holidays for 2017. Under the Proclamation No. 50 there will be ten (10) regular holidays and seven (7) special non-working days next year.

Regular holidays for 2017:

New Year’s Day – January 1 (Sunday)
Araw ng Kagitingan – April 9 (Sunday)
Maundy Thursday – April 13
Good Friday – April 14
Labor Day – May 1 (Monday)
Independence Day – June 12 (Monday)
National Heroes Day – August 28 (last Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day – November 30 (Thursday)
Christmas Day – December 25 (Monday)
Rizal Day – December 30 (Saturday)

Special (Non-Working) Days for 2017:

Chinese New Year – January 28 (Saturday)
EDSA People Power Anniversary – February 25 (Saturday)
Black Saturday – April 15
Ninoy Aquino Day – August 21 (Monday)
All Saints Day – November 1 (Wednesday)
Last day of the year – December 31 (Sunday)
Additional special non-working day – October 31 (Tuesday)

Islamic holidays, Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha, will also be non-working days however exact dates shall be issued after the approximate dates of the Islamic calendar (Hijra) or the lunar calendar or upon Islamic astronomical calculations, whichever is possible or convenient.

It added that the Department of Labor and Employment will promulgate the implementing guidelines of the proclamation.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Duterte Castigated Female Senator for being "Immoral" and "adulterer"

Rodrigo Duterte, senator Delima, drug campaign, Philippine news

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday in his speech at the 115th police service anniversary at Camp Crame, castigated a female senator for being an “immoral woman” for allegedly having an affair with her driver who also act as a collector of money for her during the election campaign. The senator who he didn't name always criticized his anti-drug campaign that resulted to a number of deaths.

“Here’s a senator complaining. One day I will tell you that her driver himself, who was a lover, was the one collecting money for her during the campaign. An immoral woman, insofar as the driver’s wife is concerned, it’s adultery.”

“Here’s a woman who funded a house of a lover and yet we don’t say any complaint about it,” he added.

“But in fairness, I would never say [clearly] that the driver gave (the money) to her but by the looks of it, she has it,” he said.

Duterte also said that the senator has no right to complain about the recent killings of drug suspects in the country when she herself has “a very sordid personal and official life.”

Last week, Duterte said that he was going to “destroy” a female official who keeps on criticizing his government.


Senator Leila de Lima Reaction

Senator Leila de Lima

Senator Leila de Lima reacted angrily and said that the President Duterte has resorted to “character assassination” referring to the president's speach about an unnamed senator, whom he described as  an “immoral woman” for allegedly having an affair with a driver.

"May nagsabi nga sa akin ngayon lang so it’s very surprising. Ang first reaction ko ngayon, ayaw ko nang patulan yan. I don’t want to dignify that. It’s so foul. It’s  character assassination.”

“It’s  very foul. Saan  man nanggaling yang information na yan, sana dino-double check, sana inaalam ang source,” she said.

de Lima said she was unfazed by the President’s statements, saying these would not affect her resolve to investigate the spate of killings in the country under the  Duterte administration.

“Hindi po ako matitinag,”

“I don’t know kung ano ho ang agenda  that  they are  resorting  to  character assassination. That’s a very  clear case of assassination and I don’t expect the President to do that, sa totoo lang,” she said.

Police Spot Checking On Bus to Fight Crimes

PNP, police, crime, Philippines

Almost daily you will hear in the news about passengers of buses being robbed at gun point or with a knife along EDSA. Good thing PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa ordered police to do spot checking on buses along EDSA (from Monumento to Pasay) to fight crimes. Holdaper, snatchers and other criminals will have to think twice before doing something against the law.

To make sure that policemen are doing their job the police officers need to to list the plate number of the bus, the time of inspection, together with the signature of the bus conductor.

President Rodrigo Duterte Inspected Flooded areas in Metro Manila During Habagat

President Rodrigo Duterte did an aerial inspection on flooded areas in Metro Manila on a Helicopter last August 15. The flood was caused by heavy rains. Manila was also hit by a tornado which added to the suffering of the residents in the affected area. 

The previous President Noynoy Aquino was hounded with criticism since he seems to be always nowhere to be found when there is flooding or typhoon. Like when Tropical Storm “Maring” battered Metro Manila with and the rest of Luzon with heavy rains and caused massive flooding.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Duterte list 159 Public officials involved in illegal drugs

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte announced the list of 159 Public officials involved in illegal drugs at a press conference and gave those people 24 hours to turn themselves in to local authorities. Included in those list are police, judges, military men and politicians allegedly linked to the country’s massive drug trade.

The release of the Duterte  narco-list is the latest development in the Duterte's administration violent war on drugs, which began when he was sworn in on June 30. He began his tenure calling for vigilante justice for drug dealers.

Below are the officials that Duterte named by Duterte:

Incumbent Luzon mayors

Reynaldo Flores, Naquilian, La Union
Dante Garcia, Tubao, La Union
Martin de Guzman, Bauang, La Union
Marjorie April Salazar, Lasam, Cagayan
Goto Violago, San Rafael, Bulacan
Marino Morales, Mabalacat, Pampanga
Felix Castillo, Langiden, Abra

Former mayors
Eufronio Derigel, Agoo, La Union
Jesus Celeste, Bolinao, Pangasinan
Jose “Pepe” Miranda, Santiago City, Isabela
Vicente Amante, San Pablo City, Laguna
Ryan Dolor, Bauan, Batangas
Former vice mayor
Edgardo Trinidad, El Nido, Palawan


Alex Sentina, Calinog, Iloilo
Julius Ronald Pacificador, Hamtic, Antique
Jed Mabilog, Iloilo City

Jed Mabilog, Iloilo City
From Left to right, Noynoy, Jed Mabilog, Mar, Leni

Wilfredo Bietbeta, Carles, Iloilo
Marcelo Malones, Maasin, Iloilo
Hector Ong, Laoang, Northern Samar
Rolando Espinosa, Albuera, Leyte
Beda Cañamaque, Basay, Negros Oriental
Former mayors
Michael Rama, Cebu City
Madeleine Ong, Laoang, Northern Samar
Francis Ansing Amboy, Maasin Iloilo
Fralz Sabalones, San Fernando, Cebu,
Antonio Pesina of Iloilo City
Erwin Tongtong Plagata, Iloilo City
Ex-congressman JC Rahman Nava, Guimaras
Congressman Party-list Jeffrey Celis

Abubakar Abdul Karim Afdal, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur
Gamar Ahay Janihim, Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte
David Navarro, Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur
Bobby Alingan, Kolambugan, Davao del Norte
Yusufa Munder Bobong Ramin, Iligan City Lanao del Norte
Jessie Aguilera, Alegria Surigao del Norte
Fahad Salik, Marawi City
Muhammad Ali Abinal
Jamal Dadayan, Buadipuso-Buntong, Lanao del Sur
Sabdullah Macabago; Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur
Muslim Aline Macadatu, Lumbatan, Lanao del Sur
Rasul Sangki, Datu Saudi-Ampatuan, Maguindanao
Montaser Sabal, Talitay, Maguindanao
Vicman Montawal, Datu Montawal, Maguindanao
Samsudin Dimaukom, Datu-Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao
Norodin Salasal, Datu Salibo, Maguindanao
Ex-mayor Benahar Tulawie, Talipao Sulu
Reynaldo Parojinog alias Andong
Nova Princess Parojinog Chavez
Omar Solitario Ali, Marawi City
Vice Mayor Abdul Wahab Sabal, Talitay, Maguindanao
Otto Montawal, Datu Montawal, Maguindanao
Nida Dimagkon, Datu-Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao
Arafat Salic, Marawi City
Rasmiyah Macabago, Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur
Congressman Guillermo Romarate Jr., second district, Surigao del Norte
Ex-board member Ricardo “Ardot” Parojinog
Active and retired law enforcement officers:
Ret. Police Inspector Rolando Batulayan
Police Superintendent Maristelo Manalo, PNP-CIDG
PCI Roberto Palisoc, Station 7 MPD
Ret. Superintendent Ciceron Ada
PCI Eric Buenaventura, Navotas
PO2 Geraldine Bautista Manuel, PNP PRO2 Health Service
SPO3 Ronald Calap, Isabela PPO
POC Rodel Samoledo; Lalio Police Station
PO3 Cecilio Domingo, Nueva Ecija CIDT
PO2 Ryan Mendoza, Tarlac Police Station
Jeffrey Serafica, Butuan PPO
PO1 Normal Adarlo, Puerto Galera NPS
PO1 Mark Christian Catalina, PNP Camarines Norte
PO2 Alan Carpio, PCP-8 Pasay City
PO3 Eric Lazo, QCPD Station 6
PO3 Alexander Macabeo, PCP 3 Paranaque City
PO3 Johnny Mahilum, QCPD Station 6 Batasan
PO2 Celito Melendrez, Binangonan Police Station
Ret. Gen. Vicente Loot; Ret. General Valerio, Santa Barbara Iloilo
General Bernardo Diaz, Region 6
General Idio, RTC of Calbayog City
Ret. Police Superintendent Floro, Antique PNP and city director
Police Superintendent Kashmir Disomangcop, former COP of Iloilo Base Commander
Police Superintendent Delia Paz, Chief RDIDM
Police Superintendent Genepa, RIU-6 Intelligence
Police Superintendent Ipil Duenas
Superintendent Condag; Police Superintendent Eugenio Malic, PNP Maritime Group
PNP Lamsis, former chief Antique anti-drug
Police Superintendent Gomboc
Police Superintendent Lebin
PCI Rio Maymay
PSI Kenneth Militar
PSI Donasco
Police Inspector De Jose, CSOG PNP Region 6
Police Inspector Duarte, former PCOP of Arevalo, Iloilo
PIC Vicente Vicente, chief of police-Banate
P/Insp. Romeo Santander – Former chief intel Cebu
PO2 Michael Cortez – Barile Police Station
SPO1 Jen dela Victoria – PS5 Cebu CPO
SPO1 Onel Nabua – Barile Police Station
PO2 Jomar Ibanez – Lapu-Lapu Police Station
PO3 Ryan Martus Kiamco – Cebu Provincial Office
PCI Ibrahim Jabiran – Zamboanga CPO
PCI Perfecto Abrasaldo Awi Jr. – Misamis Oriental
P/Insp. Roy Montes – Iligan PRO
P/Supt. Ricardo Gando Pulot – COP Quezon Bukidnon
P/Insp. Martin Plaza – former Panabo chief intel
PO1 Pierre Dizo – Zamboanga del Sur
PO3 Omar Juani – Zamboanga City Public Safety
Rommel Mansul – PRO9
PO3 Daryl Page – Tabasan Municipal Station
SPO1 Totong Joe Valdez – 9th RNG
SPO4 Rodrigo Ramos – Bukidnon PRO
SPO1 Reynaldo dela Victoria – CDO
SPO3 Emilio Mendoza – Lozaria PP5 Iligan City
Marlo Espinosa – Bukidnon
SPO3 Richie Mat – CIDG Mati Davao Oriental
SPO3 Rosell Iliviera – CIDG Tagum Davao del Norte
PO3 Jessie Balabag – Region 11
PO3 Filomeno Soronia – Digos Police Station
PO1 Glean Alicarte – PRO 12
PO1 Philip Pantarolia – Tacurong City Police Office
SPO1 Gerry dela Rosa – South Cotabato PPO
PO3 Bebot Ruiz – General Santos City PO
PO3 Estelito Solanio – Malongon, MPS Sarangani
PO1 Jerebel Ocsio – PRO RMN
SPO1 Ernesto Billones – NCR
JS1 Lito Montemayor – Roxas District Jail Aparri
PO1 Vicente Reynaldo Celis – NCR
PG Drexel Saet – MIMAROPA
SPO1 Felix Tubil – Region 3
SPO3 Nicolas Ponce Angeles – Region 3
SPO2 Rod Erseni – Marinduque BFP
FO1 Reynaldo Valencia – Claveria Police Station
SSgt. Vic dela Cruz – MIMAROPA
B/Gen. Leoncio Daniega – NCR
SPO3 Gerry Mendoza – NCR
Reymante Dayto – Region 5
Reymar Dayto – Region 5
Renato Zamora – Region 6
J1 Alan Manatad – Region 7
SPO3 Christie Cielo Tingad – Region 7
RSAD Casimiro Castro – CAFGU 38IB 6ID ARMM
RSAD Pfc. Philip Miro – 40IB 6ID ARMM
Cpl. Cusinan Lopez – 52IB ARMM
Pfc. Mamadali Ipad – 64IB 6ID
Yasin Abolgalib
JO1 Alfredo Ogacho
FO1 Nicolas Ponce Ablaca
FO1 Ricardo Ibanez
Marine Cpl. Alfrenz Gurias Abedin
Jimmy Manlangit – Region 12
Judge Mupas of Dasmariñas, Cavite
Judge Reyes, Baguio City
Judge Savilo, RTC Branch 13, Iloilo City
Judge Casiple, Kalibo, Aklan
Judge Rene Gonzales, MTC, (unknown province)
Judge Natividad, RTC Calbayog City
Judge Ezekiel Dagala, MTC, Dapa Siargao

Source Inquirer

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Charges Filed Against hit-and-run SUV driver in Pasig

hit and run accident

Three families filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the driver of the sport utility vehicle that figured in a deadly hit-and-run incident in Pasig City on Sunday morning.

The victims filed reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and serious physical injuries charges against Baldwin Cham Velasco of New Manila, Quezon City, whose Subaru Forrester bulldoze into a group of call center agents who were about to cross the street on Doña Julia Vargas Avenue.

Baldwin Cham Velasco lawyer has already got in touch with the authorities and promise to present him soon.

The accident which happened last July 31 resulted in the death of Jake Sentillas, a 23-year-old from Ibayo Tipas, Taguig City; and the unborn child of Marinel Ravina of Masambong, Quezon City.