Thursday, June 26, 2014

Highest Paid Government Official 2013 - Robert G. Vergara GSIS

MANILA, Philippines – Robert G. Vergara the General Manager and President of Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) has topped the list of highest paid government official for 2013 with P12.09 million ($275,618). He was also the topped paid official in 2012 with P16.36 million ($372,963).

Here is the top 10 Highest paid Government Official for 2013 from The 2013 Report on Salaries and Allowances (ROSA):

1. Robert G. Vergara - President/General Manager (GSIS) - P12.09 million ($275,618)
2. Gilda E. Pico - President and Chief Executive Officer (LBP) - P10.29 million ($234,583)
3. Amando Tetangco Jr. - Governor (BSP) - P9.99 million ($227,744)
4. Darlene Marie B. Berberabe - President/CEO - P9.39 million ($214,065)
5. Reynaldo C. Liwanag - Water District General Manager (Angeles City) - P8.8 million ($200,615)
6. Cristino L. Naguiat Jr. - Chairman (PAGCOR) - P8.11 million ($184,885)
7. Jorge V. Sarmiento - President/Chief Operating Officer (PAGCOR) - P 7.89 million ($179,870)
8. Diwa C. Gunigundo - Deputy Governor (BSP) - P7.58 million ($172,802)
9. Nestor A. Espenilla Jr.  - Deputy Governor (BSP) - P7.50 million ($170,979)
10. Vicente S. Aquino - Deputy Governor (BSP) - P7.42 million ($169,155)

Here is the complete list 2013 Report on Salaries and Allowances (ROSA)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beware of Taxi Scams in the Philippines

There are few convenient transportation in Manila, Philippines. The train system is unreliable. The easiest way to get around is through a Taxicab. However, beware of these taxicabs that scam people in Manila.

GMA7 News reported two taxi drivers were caught scamming their passengers in Manila, particularly passengers coming from NAIA (Manila Airport).

The taxi drivers who were caught victimized two women last night June 24, 2014. The driver told them the taxi ran out of fuel and demand P1,400 (US$32) from them. They refused to pay, the taxi driver didn't let them get out of the cab. Luckily, there was a cop in the area who saw them and arrested the taxi driver.

Their modus operandi is lure their victims with low fare without using the meter. Then in the middle of the road or some place dark they will pretend that the taxi ran out of fuel or it has broken down then the taxi driver will demand P1,400 (US$32). The passenger doors handles are broken so that the victims won't able to get out of the taxi. You won't be able to open the window to shout for help since it is also broken.

Here are some tips in using Taxi in the Philippines:

  • Always take precautions.
  • Don’t enter a taxi if there is anyone other than the driver in it. Check the floors (back and front) and the trunk if there is someone hiding on the floor.
  • Before getting in a taxi check that the doors can be locked from the inside, otherwise you’re vulnerable when stopped in traffic. Also check if the door can be opened from the inside and the windows should be working.
  • Demand to use the meter. 
  • Take note of the license plate number.
  • Once in the taxi conspicuously text the number of the taxi to someone.
  • Remember to text the contact when you have arrived safely.
  • When driving in the city, make sure that the doors are locked and the windows rolled up.
  • If the driver is unwilling to comply with your requests, it is best to wait for another cab.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cockroach in a Japanese Fast Food Restaurant

Cockroach food, Cockroach fast food restaurant, ipis, ipis japanese restaurant Philippines

Magi Sison who plays for the Barako Bull Energy in Philippine Basketball Association was shocked when he found a head of a dead cockroach in his food he ordered from a Japanese Fast Food Restaurant in a Mall in Mandaluyong, Philippines. He was with his wife and 7-year old daughter at that time and they all ordered Gyudon Beef.

This is disgusting and a serious food safety issue, the local authorities of Mandaluyong should act quickly and penalize that said Fast Food Restaurant. Cockroach is believed to spread a range of disease-producing organisms to humans which includes the deadly salmonella virus, staphylococcus and streptococcus.

I will never eat in that Fast Food Restaurant again.

Source: TV5

Friday, June 20, 2014

Google removes "Blood Stained Singapore” blog that is anti-Filipinos

SINGAPORE - Google have taken steps to remove the "Blood Stained Singapore” blog that encourages Singaporeans to harass the Filipino living and working in Singapore.

The Singaporean authorities said last Thursday that they are looking into the anonymous “Blood Stained Singapore” blog. The blog told its readers to refuse to be served by Filipinos when eating at restaurants. It also suggest to shove Filipinos while in trains or other crowded places.

The blog post entitled, “Filipino infestation in Singapore — 5 point guide to showing displeasure without breaking the law” also tell Singaporeans not to help Filipinos involved in traffic accidents.

The blog which uses Google’s Blogger platform is no longer available. Google confirmed that the racist blog has already been removed from Blogger because it violates its policy on hate speech.

Source: Inquirer

Senator Bong Revilla Surrenders, will be Jailed at Camp Crame

Senator Bong Revilla, Bong Revilla, Senator Bong Revilla jailed, Senator Bong Revilla arrested

Senator Bong Revilla, Bong Revilla, Senator Bong Revilla jailed, Senator Bong Revilla arrested

Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. who is accused of plunder and graft has surrendered to the Sandiganbayan Friday morning June 20, 2014. The graft charges are from the multibillion-peso pork barrel scam.

The court has found probable cause for his indictment in a 10 billion-peso ($228 million) scandal over discretionary funds given to congress for development projects. Two other opposition senators namely Juan Ponce Enrile and Jinggoy Estrada, have also been indicated and barred from leaving the country.

Revilla turned himself in once the news came out that the warrant for his arrest had been signed by Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Efren de la Cruz.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

American Woman Robbed in Manila

MANILA, Philippines - American Ana Camuel Lightfoot, 34 was robbed in Manila on June 14, 2014 by a man who is claiming that he is a police officer stationed in Camp Crame. Ana and her husband, Damon were riding a van along Singalong street Manila at past 10:00 AM when a man wearing a police uniform signal them to stop.

The policeman told them that having a tinted van is a traffic violation and the policeman asked for money in the amount of P2,000. Ana told that policeman that they don't have that money, and they only have P400 with them. The policeman got mad but accepted the P400. He also got mad when he noticed that Ana was taking pictures of him using her cellphone. He even threatened to confiscate their license plate and cell phone. He fled with the money riding a motorcycle with plate number 1768-NM.

Source: Philstar

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lalaki Namboso Gamit ang Cellphone, Bikitima aabot sa 70 kolehiyala

boso pinay, namboboso sa kolehiyala, boso kolehiyala

Caught in the act, modus ng Pinoy boso sa mga kolehiyala! Nagreklamo sa NBI Computer Crimes Division ang mga kolehiyalang biktima at school officials ng isang malaking University sa Manila. Sa loob ng isang taon umabot na sa higit 70 kolehiyala, ang ilan ay kaklase pa nya, ang nabiktima ng kaniyang pamboboso.

Patung-patong na kaso ang ihahain laban sa estudyanteng namboboso dahil sa kanyang pamboboso sa mga kolehiyala gamit ang kaniyang 'cellphone' na nakadikit sa kangyang bag at ina-'upload' sa isang pornsite.

Ang dahilan ng lalaking namboboso ay binubully daw siya sa internet ng mga miyembro ng porn site.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bloody Donaire wins WBA featherweight title against Vetyeka in a Controversial Way

Nonito Donaire, boxing, Vetyeka

The win of Nonito Donaire against Simpiwe Vetyeka is controversial, he won it via technical decision in Macau.

Donaire had a cut during the first round as a result of an accidental headbutt. He told the refs that he want to continue the fight. He was struggling to see Vetyeka. Before the fifth round the referee Luis Pabon stop the fight and handed Donaire the WBA featherweight title against the champion Vetyeka. There were a lot of uproar amongst the crowd.

Donaire said "I wasn’t able to see his right hands, which were his power shots. I didn't want the fight to be stopped because I want to continue for the fans."

Vetyeka said "I didn’t think it was a headbutt. I’m terribly upset."