Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2015 Forbes 50 Richest in the Philippines

Henry Sy topped the 50 richest person in the Philippines for the 8th straight year. He net worth is at $14.4 billion. Sy also ranked number 73 in Forbes’ “The Richest People in the Planet 2015 list.

The magazine said that his wealth increase because the value of his publicly traded conglomerates has gone up, SM Investments Corporation is up by 17% and SM Prime Holdings is up by 20%.

He also holds a stake in the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, a private firm supplying power to the country.

Here are the 10 individuals on top of the “Philippines’ 50 Richest” Forbes’ list with their estimated net worth for 2015:
  1. Henry Sy    $14.4 B    90yo    diversified
  2. John Gokongwei, Jr.    $5.5 B    88yo    diversified
  3. Andrew Tan    $4.5 B    63yo    diversified
  4. Lucio Tan    $4.3 B    81yo    diversified
  5. Enrique Razon, Jr.    $4.1 B    55yo    ports
  6. George Ty    $4 B    82yo    banking
  7. Family Aboitiz    $3.6 B    -    Diversified
  8. Jaime Zobel de Ayala    $3.5 B    81yo    Diversified
  9. David Consunji    $3.2 B    93 yo   construction
  10. Tony Tan Caktiong    $2.2 B    62yo    fast food
  11. Lucio and Susan Co    $1.7 B    60yo   Retailing
  12. Robert Coyiuto, Jr.  $1.6 B 62yo    power
  13. Manuel Villar  $1.5 B    $1.5 B    65yo    Real estate   
  14. Yap family $1.4 B     $1.4 B    89yo    Banking   
  15. Alfredo Yao    $1.3 B    71yo    Diversified
  16. Dean Lao    $1.1 B    56yo    chemicals
  17. Oscar Lopez    $1 B    85yo    Media
  18. Andrew Gotianun    $910 M    87yo    real estate
  19. Betty Ang    $905 M    -    Food
  20. Roberto Ongpin    $900 M    78yo    Diversified
  21. Inigo & Mercedes Zobel    $870 M    59yo    Diversified
  22. Vivian Que Azcona    $780 M    -    Retailing
  23. Eduardo Cojuangco    $770 M    80yo    Food & drinks
  24. Beatrice Campos    $740 M    -    Pharma
  25. Ricardo Po family    $640 M    84yo    canned food
  26. Jorge Araneta    $560 M    -    Real Estate
  27. Carlos Chan    $550 M    74yo    Foods
  28. Mariano Tan, Jr.    $520 M    53 yo   Pharmaceuticals
  29. Ramon Ang    $510 M    61yo    Diversified
  30. Alfonso Yuchengco    $500 M    92yo    Diversified
  31. Bienvenido Tantoco, Sr.    $480 M    94 yo   Retailing
  32. Manuel Zamora    $450 M    75yo    Mining
  33. Concepcion family    $400 M    -    food
  34. Edgar Sia    $390 M    38yo    Fast food
  35. Frederick Dy    $310 M    60 yo   Banking
  36. Jacinto Ng    $275 M    -    Diversified
  37. Tomas Alcantara    $270 M    69yo    Diversified
  38. Fred Elizalde    $260 M    74yo    media
  39. Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, Jr.    $255 M    53yo    Milk
  40. Eric Recto    $240 M    52yo    Diversified
  41. Philip Ang    $230 M    74yo    Mining
  42. Luis Virata    $225 M    61    Mining
  43. Jose Antonio    $220 M    68yo    Real estate
  44. P.J. Lhuillier    $175 M    -    pawn shops
  45. Gilberto Duavit    $170 M    80yo    Media
  46. Menardo Jimenez    $165 M    83yo    Media
  47. Juliette Romualdez    $160 M    -    Banking
  48. Felipe Gozon    $155 M    75 yo   Media
  49. Walter Brown    $140 M    76yo    Mining
  50. Alfredo Ramos    $120 M    71 yo   Diversified

OFW Funny Rant on Customs Plan For Strict Checking of Balikbayan Boxes

Dear custom, ito po ay para sa inyo isa po akong ofw na nag travaho sa maliit lang na sahod para lang sa aking pamilya.
Posted by Alpax Enad on Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bureau of Customs Commissioner (BOC) Bert Lina want to implement an stricter measure to check Balikbayan Boxes and tax those package that go above Php10,000. According to BOC, the content in the Balikbayan boxes should be less than P10,000 to be exempted from taxes.

OFWs work for hundred of hours, endure hardship, long hours of work, and abusive bosses just to be able to buy things for their love ones that they put in these boxes. Like Nike shoes for their kids, Spam and sausages, instant noodles, etc. So can understand why the social media light up upon hearing this news from the BOC.

Alpax Enad who is an OFW made a funny video packing goods addressed to the BOC. Check the video above.    

Friday, August 14, 2015

Video: Robin Padilla's wife Mariel Rodriguez Second miscarriage

Mariel Rodriguez, Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez miscarriage

This was heartbreaking, Robin Padilla uploaded the video of his wife Mariel Rodriguez on YouTube, which captures the moment when they learned that the babies in her womb had no heartbeat. Actress-TV host Mariel Rodriguez was seen having her scheduled ultrasound when the doctor informed her that she lost her triplet pregnancy due to miscarriage.

Her husband Robin Padilla asked the doctor if the babies indeed had no heartbeat. The doctor confirmed that the babies no longer had heartbeat.