Saturday, February 4, 2017

Vice President Leni Robredo Calls Her Critics Trolls

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Vice President Leni Robredo called his critics “trolls” and said that she has no time to waste for them.

“I have no message for the trolls because I think it’s a lost cause. It’s a lost cause in the sense that they don’t know me, but they have already made a judgment,” she said in a television interview. When she was asked on GMA News TV to give a message to her critics, the Vice President said there was no point in trying to reach out to those who had closed their minds about her.

Their judgment is not coming from people who know me personally. Perhaps I can give a message to those who have open minds, but most of them have closed their minds, so there’s no point in wasting time on them,” Robredo said.

“Those with open minds are the ones whose comments matter to us, because it allows us to look at ourselves when we commit mistakes,” she said. “It’s also not right to keep getting praise when we are doing wrong,” she continued.    
Robredo Yoga
Just Recently, a blogger accused her of living a life of luxury after she had a photo taken with her “personal yoga trainer.” Robredo has shrugged off her online critics, saying she has not even read Uson’s blog. “I would have to admit that I have not read her blog and I don’t intend to read it,” she said at an Inquirer forum in December.

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