Sunday, April 16, 2017

Duterte Say Lucio Tan, Prieto's and other Oligarchs Should Pay Taxes

Duterte, Lucio Tan, Prieto, Trillanes

During President Rodrigo Duterte speech in front of 8,000 OFWs in Qatar on Saturday, April 15 (Doha time) he said "Ang Pilipinas, para ito sa mga taong naghirap...Ang mayayaman, kalaban ko 'yan" and
challenged business tycoon Lucio Tan and other oligarchs to pay their unpaid taxes.

"Lucio Tan has almost billion, 30 billion. He has to pay. He has to pay. Lahat (All of them), they have to pay," Duterte said during his meeting with the Filipino community in Qatar at around 6 pm in Doha, or 11 pm in Manila.

The President also said Dunkin Donuts, which he said is owned by the Prietos of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, has its own tax deficiencies.

In his speech, Duterte repeated as well his usual tirades against human rights groups, the European Union, and critics such as Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Full Speech

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