Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Modus: Fake LTO Victimizing Motorist

Fake LTO, fake police, Philippines
Fake LTO, fake police, Philippines

There are criminals in the street of Metro Manila who are pretending to be officers from Land Transportation Office (LTO) and they are victimizing motorist. Feliz Marie Galpao posted that she was almost victimized by a fake LTO officer. She narrated that the suspect has been following them along Makati – Magallanes route and they failed to take him seriously because he’s not wearing proper uniform and he's just wearing jacket.

"We were along Makati – Magallanes when this “LTO guy” motioned us to stop. When we opened the window he was already shouting at us. Galit na galit, kanina pa daw nya kami pinapahinto pero “tinatakbuhan” namin sya. Yes, nakita namin sya before BUT we did not realize na pinapara nya kami. We were not paying attention to him since he does not look like an officer at hindi kita ang uniporme. He was wearing a jacket! Hindi talaga namin napansin”. Ms. Galpao narrated.

The fake officer was angry because they failed to stop, Ms. Galpao asked if there's a problem.

“He told us: “Nakita ng supervisor ko na sira ilaw nyo sa likod, pinahabol kayo sakin, kanina pa ko sumisenyas tas tinakbuhan nyo ko!”. Galit na siya at matapang.”

However, when Ms. Galpao asked for mission order and ID, the fake officer cannot show anything to prove that he’s indeed an LTO officer. He just started to rant to his victims and even challenged them to call the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte.

“Tawagan nyo pa presidente!” and “Taga LTO ako, alam ko mga ganito” etc. Pinipilit nya kami na tinakbuhan namin sya. Nag-sorry kami sa kanya dahil hindi namin talaga sya napansin”.

She also recorded a cellphone video of the suspect who insisted that his victims trying to flee from him, but it has now been set to private.

The victims wanted to avoid more trouble and not escalate the situation surrendered her driver’s license to the suspect, but the fake officer didn’t gave any ticket to them. Luckily, a real Skyway Patrol Officer showed up clarified that the suspect is not their member and only trying to extort money from other people. They also got their license back from the suspect.

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