Friday, December 23, 2016

Forbes Top 5 Violent Cities in Asia includes Quezon City

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Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista with Mar Roxas

Quezon City is included in Forbes most violent cities in Asia. They advised travelers to avoid these cities or keep both eyes wide open. These places are also very popular tourists destination.

Here are the 5 cities according to Forbes that are the most violent in Asia:

1. Metro Manila - composed of several cities and is home to 12.8 million people that covers the Philippine capital as well as Quezon City, which some danger charts break out separately. Travelers to Manila often complain they feel unsafe. The city is full of decayed cement commercial buildings that look like jails and are guarded by people with big firearms. Gangs may assault and rob tourists. Drunkenness and karaoke bars are a source of fights. Not only building security people wield guns. Foreigners are occasionally kidnapped, according to the N4M Media rankings of dangerous cities. Manila savants advise caution in making new friends, exploring dark allies or flashing valuables, including fancy clothes. Crime-fighting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has made the city safer since he took office in June, some Manila denizens say. Quezon City’s 27,554 crime reports in 2014 had already declined 31% last year.

2. Kuala Lumpur. Beware of rapes, robberies, assaults and pick-pocketing in the Malaysian capital.

3. Ulan Bator. Capital of Mongolian, warns that Ulan Bator has “very high crime rates” following a 19% rise in 2013 assaults and rapes are the top crimes commited.

4. Karachi. Of the world’s 13 largest cities, Karachi is the most dangerous, according to data compiled by the media organization Al Jazeera.

5. Gurgaon. this city is near New Delhi (India's capital), it's not a safe place for women specially at night. There are frequent report about women brutally raped and sexual molestation in public according to Burglaries and snatching are on the rise, as well, and armed robberies sometimes touch off panic among the 2.3 million citizens. Robbery cases were between 10 and 20 per month in 2015, the website adds.

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