Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Balikbayan Signature Wallet with Php98,000 Stolen at NAIA XRay

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A Filipina balikbayan from the US lost her branded wallet with Php98,000 cash in it. According to  report by TV Patrol reporter Mike Navallo, the Filipina balikbayan arrived from the US to visit her family living in Iloilo, but her trip were derailed when she lost her wallet containing large sum of cash after passing through the x-ray machine at the NAIA 3.

Filipina balikbayan Ann Margaret Anthony said that she entered Gate 1 of the NAIA airport terminal with 2 luggage and 1 hand bag. Before putting her handbag in the conveyor, she took out her wallet from the bag to deposit loose coins from her pocket and then she put her wallet back in her handbag, then put it into the x-ray conveyor.

She said that she was surprised when the x-ray conveyor stopped then it seems to reverse she wondered why it stayed there too long. She then proceeded to the airline ticketing office after to re-book her flight. When she is about to pay she was shocked when she can no longer find her wallet in her bag.

The stolen signature wallet cost about Php 40,000 and the cash in the wallet is Php 98,000, credit and debit cards, and pictures of her children.

She immediately went back to Gate 1 and ask to review the CCTV. However, the 4 CCTV's installed in Gate 1 are not working. Only the CCTV that is located far away from the crime scene were able to capture the footage that shows her making her way from the x-ray machine to the airline ticketing office.

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