Monday, February 15, 2016

Philippine Presidential Candidate Grace Poe son's Show off $20,000 Nike Shoes

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Photo Credit: InterAksyon

Every kids would love that very expensive shoes! Brian Llamanzares, son of presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe, is being criticized for posting on his Instagram a picture of him showing off his very expensive shoes that cost about $20,000 on eBay. With today’s exchange rate, that’s nearly P850,000.

According to InterAksyon, the shoes are expensive because they are 2011 Limited Edition Nike Mag 10 Back to the Future Marty McFly shoes. He was bashed for posting the photo for being insensitive to the hardship of the Filipino people which majority are below poverty level. Critics also say that it proves the extravagance of his family.

Sen. Grace Poe on Friday defended her son, Brian, for buying a pair of Limited Edition Nike Mag 10 shoes since, she said, Brian has the purchasing capacity and right to choose what he wants.

"He saved up for that a long time. Even if assuming I was not agreeable to it, it made him happy. He has a right to it. Why should we stand in the way?" she added.

So is he the new Jeane Napoles, daugther of Janet Napoles who also has an expensive taste.

Jeane Napoles

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