Friday, December 18, 2015

Bullet Planting in NAIA Continuous, 3 passengers Caught with Bullets

MANILA, Philippines - Former senator Francisco Tatad niece, was suppose to board her flight but she was put on hold along with an American and a 74-year-old grandmother when the X-ray screener found bullets in their belongings while undergoing security check at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

NAIA personnel said Rosanna Tatad, 31, was found with a bullet in her shoulder bag last December 13, 2015. Security screening officer Anna Margarita Repario said she saw an image of ammunition after Tatad’s bag passed through the X-ray scanner.

The bullet was found after Repario inspected the bag in the presence of Tatad and Senior Police Officer 1 Allan Sonio.

Tatad, of Congressional Model Subdivision, Camarin, Caloocan City, said that she did not own the bullet. She was subjected to inquest and charged with violation of Republic Act 10591.

American Joseph Ocasiones, 35, was also held when a 9mm caliber bullet was found in his trolley bag last Tuesday December 15, 2015. He was bound for San Francisco, USA with his 5 year old daughter.

NAIA police said X-ray screening officer Rica Verano saw the image of the bullet in the trolley bag of Ocasiones. She called Police Officer 3 Robinson Fernandez, the duty officer. Ocasiones was arrested and detained at the police jail at the airport.

He denied owning the bullet found in his bag. “Why would I carry ammunition when I know that it’s prohibited?” he said.

“I read and saw news from newspapers and on TV that many passengers were caught having bullets in their belongings. “I remember when I alighted from the car, I noticed a group of people that included porters blocked my path and the next thing I know, I was arrested for the bullet planted in my baggage.”

Los Angeles-bound grandmother Araceli Fortuna was allegedly found carrying two caliber .45 bullets in her luggage.

Pasay City prosecutors ordered the immediate release of Tatad, Ocasiones and Fortuna after investigation and they were able to continue with their journey.


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