Wednesday, August 26, 2015

OFW Funny Rant on Customs Plan For Strict Checking of Balikbayan Boxes

Dear custom, ito po ay para sa inyo isa po akong ofw na nag travaho sa maliit lang na sahod para lang sa aking pamilya.
Posted by Alpax Enad on Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bureau of Customs Commissioner (BOC) Bert Lina want to implement an stricter measure to check Balikbayan Boxes and tax those package that go above Php10,000. According to BOC, the content in the Balikbayan boxes should be less than P10,000 to be exempted from taxes.

OFWs work for hundred of hours, endure hardship, long hours of work, and abusive bosses just to be able to buy things for their love ones that they put in these boxes. Like Nike shoes for their kids, Spam and sausages, instant noodles, etc. So can understand why the social media light up upon hearing this news from the BOC.

Alpax Enad who is an OFW made a funny video packing goods addressed to the BOC. Check the video above.    

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