Sunday, June 21, 2015

University of the Philippines Fraternity Violence

University of the Philippines Fraternity Violence, crime, UP criminals

MANILA, Philippines – According to reports 5 of the suspects who are responsible to the violent fraternity attacks that happened at the University of the Philippines-Diliman campus last Thursday Jun 18, 2015 have undergone inquest proceedings. The suspects used baseball bat and lead pipes as weapons to beat up their victims, according to a police report.

All in all there are 10 suspects, and 5 are already captured and expected to post bail on Monday, June 22. The other 5 are still unidentified and at large.

It took place at around 3pm Thursday, June 18, victims Jesus Blas Vitangcol, 22, and Joevie Dela Cruz, 21, were walking inside the UP campus when the suspects, who wore bonnets, alighted from their car "then without provocation struck Vitangcol repeatedly on his head and different parts of his body using lead pipes and baseball bat.

Dela Cruz were able to ward off the attack at first, but eventually got hit on his left hand. The suspects immediately left the scene in the vehicle leaving Vitangcol unconscious and bleeding from head wounds.

Dela Cruz asked for help from bystanders and security personnel, and also texted his co-students and friends for help.

After an hour, Ernesto Luis Martino Pangalagan, 20, who is on his way to the site was confronted by 5 men wearing bonnets with lead pipes and a baseball bat who alighted from a van and hit his vehicle, inflicting injuries on him as well.

A female guard assigned in the area saw what happened. UP Student Mario Andrefanio Santos, 24, who was driving along the area, saw what transpired and tried to chase the fleeing suspects, but the latter bumped his vehicle and escaped.

Quezon City police pursued the suspects, leading to their arrest. The evidence recovered from the suspects included 5 lead pipes, a baseball bat, 3 12 gauge shotgun live ammunition, a black bonnet, two screw drivers, and a tissue with blood stains.

The suspects in police custody are the following:

  1. Cheran S. Cabrito
  2. Rannie V. Mercado
  3. Rudolf V. Neral
  4. Elias Miles Villanueva
  5. Sean R. Rodriguez


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