Sunday, April 12, 2015

Two People Dead After Drinking Pearl Milk Tea Caught on Video

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Pearl Milk Tea a popular Taiwanese tea-based drink which can be found in every corner in Manila, Philippines to beat the summer heat suffer a scare recently due to poisoning. The victims were Suzaine Dagohoy, Arnold Aydall and William Abrigo. Suzaine Dagohoy and store owner William Abrigo died while Suzaine boyfriend Arnold is still alive but confined in a hospital. It happened after they drink a “Hokkaido” flavored milk tea from ErgoCha Milk Tea House on Bustillos Street in Sampaloc, Manila on Thursday.

Arnold Aydall first took a sip and spat it out, he later complained to the owner that it tasted disgusting. Suzaine also took a sip and then the owner to confirm the complain also tasted the Pearl Milk Tea. Minutes later both Dagohoy and Abrigo collapsed then later died.

In an autopsy report released by the Manila Police District, the cause of Dagohoy’s death was due to “shock secondary to ingestion of toxic substance.”

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