Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sextortion: Ex-boyfriend Posted Naked pictures of Girlfriend on Facebook

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Picture from GMA News Network

The girl got tired of their relationship and broke up with the boy through text. The boy keep on contacting her through text asking them to meet up, but the girl refuse. The boy threaten her that he will release all their sex videos and nude pictures on the internet if she refuse. The girl was shocked to learn that he have pictures of them doing that stuff. She later agreed to meet up for fear of those videos and pictures being posted online and they get back together. But the boy change his demeanor, he became mean and violent. The girl said the boy often times drag her and punch her in the stomach. After one year, the boy gave her a gift, a CD which according to the boy contain the last copy of their sex videos and her nude pictures. The girl destroyed the CD and break up with the boy. But the boy lied since after their break up, he released the sex videos and nude photos of her on the internet.

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