Monday, February 17, 2014

BIR to tax Pedicab driver at Tindero

BIR will now tax Pedicab driver and vendors, they will now require them to hire accountants to file their income taxes. BIR must be joking.

Commisioner Kim Henares said they should pay taxes since it's a business.

The Memorandum Circular No. 7-2014 created by the BIR will now require the marginal income earners to pay income taxes, but they will be exempted to the value added tax and business tax.

The sector was described or defined in the circular as individuals who are self-employed and earning not more than P100,000 in a year.

The group under the circular was identified as owners of small karinderia and other micro-entrepreneurs and this exclude licensed professionals, sales agents, brokers, artists and other professionals whose incomes are subject to withholding tax.

The plan of the BIR to slap more taxes was aimed at boosting tax collections and address leaks from tax evasion of some groups.

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