Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunshine Cruz claims Cesar Montano sexually abused her

Sunshine Cruz, Cesar Montano

MANILA, Philippines - Sunshine Cruz charge husband Cesar Montano with physical and emotional battery at the Quezon City prosecutor’s office. An alleged sexual abuse is one of the claims Sunshine Cruz made in the complaint

Cruz filed with the city prosecutor’s office a charge of violation of Republic Act 9262 or the anti-violence against women and children’s act of 2004 against Montano, whose real name is Caesar Manhilot, claiming she has been subjected since January this year to physical and psychological abuse by Montano.

She further alleged that Montano has forcibly taken custody of their young daughters and is depriving her access to them.

In her nine-page complaint Cruz claimed, “Respondent (Montano) is very domineering, philandering husband that he demanded full submission and obedience from the complainant (Cruz) while he continually prohibits the latter from inquiring on his own affairs. Worse, respondent does not go home and he spends weekends elsewhere. In fact, he presently resides at an address different from that of the complainant and her three minor daughters.”

She alleged that Montano reacts violently through “harsh verbal abuse” to her queries on his activities and that his manner had caused their 13-year marriage to deteriorate. The couple got married on February 2000.

Cruz said that last February, she and daughters, aged 7, 8 and 11, were compelled to leave their home causing the children to be deprived by Montano of support, shelter and means of transportation to school. When she decided to leave with her children, the actress claimed, Montano hit her.

She also alleged that in May, the actor barged into her new home and physically and sexually abused her.

“Respondent (Montano) continued and still continues to harass complainant by threatening her with physical harm, obscene accusations and grave defamation,” Cruz alleged, citing a series of angry text messages that Montano allegedly sent her on June 10.

On July 29, the actress said, Montano fetched their three daughters from school without telling her and brought the children to his home. When she asked him to return the kids to her, she claimed Montano “deliberately and forcibly refused.”

Cruz claimed that her husband’s continued custody of their daughters would be prejudicial to their normal growth and development citing Montano’s alleged extra-marital relationship with another woman.

The actress asked the city prosecutor’s office to consider the filing in court of her complaint against Montano.

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