Friday, July 26, 2013

Gay Filipino in US spared from deportation

LOS ANGELES— Dennis Vitug was set to be deported to the Philippines until he told the courts that he may no longer return to his homeland because he is persecuted there for being gay.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Vitug, who was ordered to return to the Philippines because of drug convictions, was spared from deportation by the San Francisco-based US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals when he said that while in the Philippines, he was beaten, harassed, and denied work for being gay.

Vitug moved to the United States in 1999 and had overstayed his tourist visa. While living and working in Los Angeles, he was also studying fashion design. He is reportedly HIV-positive and had bouts with drug addiction.

The Los Angeles Philippine Consulate General's Office is trying to determine if any of the California consulates are monitoring the case.

Though there are some cases of gay discrimination if the Philippines, I think Vitug is lying. Filipinos are not that cruel to Homosexuals.

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