Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sex in Philippine embassies

Philippine embassies,OFW

A shocking report by a Filipino congressman Walden Bello, he said even the Philippine Embassy officials are allegedly involved in the sexual exploitation of their countrymen.

He said that there are three officials from Philippine overseas offices had been the subject of complaints from their coworkers.

He said one of the officials is a ranking member of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (Polo) in Amman, Jordan, and the other a local hire of Polo in Kuwait. They were allegedly involved in running sex operations in Amman, Jordan, and Kuwait that use Filipino women staying at OFW shelters.

Another official is a member of the augmentation team of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) staff in the embassy in Damascus, Syria. He is allegedly engaged in sexual acts with OFWs staying at the embassy’s shelter for distressed workers.

“Our sources asked us to expose the criminals in their ranks because their acts are giving the agencies a bad name and they can no longer tolerate the inaction of their superiors,” Bello said.

One of the officials named by the congressman, Polo, Jordan welfare officer Mario Antonio denied running a prostitution ring using OFWs.

Bello said the clients were charged as much as $1,000 a night. He claimed Antonio’s activities had caught the attention of the Jordan government, which asked that he be recalled.

“He is, in effect, running a prostitution ring using distressed OFWs. This man’s activities are so disreputable and illegal that the government of Jordan has requested that he be removed,” Bello said.

The Kuwait-based officer, Bello said had not been punished because he was supposedly a townmate of former Ambassador to Kuwait Shulan Primavera.

“Apparently, Polo officials have to condone Predator Three [referring to the Kuwait-based officer] because he might spill the beans as he knows many unlawful incidents in Polo,” Bello said.

“We ask: Why, with all the evidence of using OFWs as prostitutes and cheating them, is this sexual predator allowed to remain in his post? How does a mere local hire hold a whole embassy hostage to his nefarious activities?” he said.

In the case of the augmentation team member in Syria, Bello said this person was caught on New Year’s Day this year in an intimate act with a female OFW at the Philippine Embassy’s shelter for distressed workers in Syria. Three witnesses filed affidavits attesting to the incident.

Embassy and DFA officials in Manila later found the staff member’s actions to have violated regulations against the fraternization of embassy personnel with their wards but Bello said the employee was only given a “tap on the wrist.”

So we have to ask, are Philippine Embassies now engaging in prostitution business?


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