Saturday, May 11, 2013

The man who committed suicide in MRT Guadalupe

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MANILA, Philippines - The man who allegedly jumped into a running train at the Guadalupe station of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) last Wednesday May 8, 2013 around 8:18 a.m. has been identified.

A close friend of the victim named Oliver Villacorta identified the victim at the Veronica Funeral Homes in Pasay City Thursday night.

Oliver said that his friend had been acting weird for weeks because of some problems he did not mentioned. They both live in a boarding house in Manila.

Oliver did not reveal the name of his friend, because the parents of the victim has not been informed.

However, on facebook the name of the victim has already been circulated:

"The wake of LEO MANULNA aka Jumba Carlo Sato (the MRT3 jumper) is at VERONICA MEMORIAL CHAPEL - 517 A. Arnaiz Avenue, Pasay City (Near Libertad LRT Station). THE WAKE WILL ONLY BE UNTIL 12 NOON TMRW, May 11, 2013, TO GIVE ENOUGH TIME TO TRAVEL HIS REMAINS AT HIS PROVINCE."

On a radio station report, Oliver said that the body of Leo Manulna has been transported to the province in Kalinga.

Leo Manulna is a 31 year-old freelance photographer and a former indie film actor known as Jumba Carlo Sato.

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