Thursday, April 18, 2013

'Dugo-dugo' gang strikes in Mandaluyong took P15-M in cash, jewelry

MANILA - A maid from Mandaluyong City was duped by a suspected member of the "Dugo-dugo" gang and got away with P15 to P20 million in cash and jewelry.

Police said an unidentified person called up a house in Wack-Wack Village and pretended to be the maid's employer.

The caller told the maid that she figured in an accident and needed money – the modus operandi of members of the so-called "Dugo-dugo" gang.

The unwitting maid used a crowbar to open her employer's vault, which contained pieces of jewelry and a huge amount of cash. She then went straight to a place in Caloocan to meet the caller and hand over the items.

The maid's employer has no plans yet to file charges against the maid.

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