Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anthony Bourdain Enjoys Halo-Halo

On the episode 2 of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown he traveled to Los Angeles. Bourdain specifically explored Koreatown, where he ate like a local with his two guides, Korean-Americans Roy Choi and David Choe.

Bourdain also visited popular Filipino fast-food joint Jollibee, he ate a fried Spam slider known as the Little Big Bite and an Aloha Burger (with pineapple slice), he also enjoyed halo-halo.

Halo-halo consists of red beans, white beans, chick peas, Jell-O, coconut, shaved ice and flan.

"It makes no Goddamn sense at all," said Bourdain, "I love it."

Bourdain also called the purple, yellow and green treat "oddly beautiful."

source CNN 9AM Monday (Philippines)

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