Monday, February 25, 2013

Sultan of Sulu claims historic land Sabah

Sultan of Sulu claims historic land Sabah

SULU RULER. Sultan Jamalul Kiram III told reporters on Friday, February 22 in the Taguig Blue Mosque that followers had a right to remain in Sabah because his sultanate still had sovereignty over the Malaysian state.

With the ongoing standoff in Sabah, self-proclaimed Sulu sultan Jamalul Kiram III says he will ask the US government for help to reclaim the territory from Malaysia.

Kiram's spokesman Abraham Idjirani says the 1915 Kiram-Carpenter Agreement assured American protection “should a problem arise in Sabah between the Sultan of Sulu and other foreign countries."

About 180 Filipinos -- the heirs of the sultan of Sulu and his followers -- sailed to Sabah on February 12 to pursue their claim on the territory.

They refuse to leave Sabah even after the government dispatched a humanitarian ship on Sunday to repatriate women and civilians.

The Sulu sultanate once controlled parts of Borneo, including the site of the current standoff between the Filipinos and Malaysian security forces.

The Philippines has not pursued its claim since 1964.

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